THC & CBD - What makes up your Marijuana?

A lot of people commonly think there is an element of “versus” when comparing THC and CBD. In fact, “THC vs CBD” is a common Google query that comes up when researching the two. However, in looking at both, it’s valuable to recognize how THC and CBD are equally influential in making up the cannabis plant as a whole.

While many people enjoy, and are likely familiar with, that “head high” you get from smoking THC-based strains, plenty of people rely on cannabis with no psychoactive elements. These strains still have CBD to help with pain relief, anxiety and other considerations, without any THC to cause a mind-altering state.

It can get pretty complex when looking at THC and CBD, but here is a foundational breakdown of both elements of the cannabis plant.

THC - Tetrahydrocannabinol

Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (whew, aren’t we glad it’s just called THC?) is the main component in cannabis. It is this element that alters the mind to give you the “high” feeling that often comes from smoking or eating edibles. Unfortunately, THC is also the part of cannabis that has been considered an illegal Schedule I substance throughout America and most of the world for many decades now. While THC can be used to help people with a number of ailments, it has created concern amongst conservatives due to the intoxicating feeling you get while being high. Luckily, more knowledge and education provides insight into how we can best utilize cannabis strains with THC.

CBD - Cannabidiol

While THC gives you that “high” feeling, CBD is the secondary element of cannabis that provides “non-psychoactive” relief. It’s important to note that “non-psychoactive” means here that it doesn’t intoxicate you (in the same way THC does). It does, however, still have valuable benefits that help individuals deal with things like anxiety, seizures, and more. And while THC-based cannabis has some level of decriminalization in over 20 States, CBD products are legal throughout the country. This is why there has been such an increase in these CBD-based products that help with numerous medical ailments.

Where Can I Find THC and CBD?

The cannabis plant continues to be implemented in a number of new products, inventions and practical daily uses. Not only can you smoke flower and concentrates out of your Stoned Genie, but you can eat edibles, rub on ointments, bathe in salts, and much more. These products all offer varying levels of THC or CBD, making it easy for you to find exactly what you’re looking for. If you’ve had a long day and want to enjoy an intoxicating head high, you can load your bowl with flower to smoke. But if you want to simply calm your muscles after a hard workout, a bath in a CBD bomb will relax the body without altering the mind. As you can see, you can certainly get the benefits of one part of cannabis, without having to be affected by the other.

Take A Second Look at Cannabis

For those that think that marijuana is simply used by stoners to get high, take a second look at all of the relieving benefits this plant can provide. While THC certainly does give you an intoxicating head-high, CBD can be used in an entirely different way.

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