How to Choose Your First Dab Rig: 7 Useful Tips

Any good stoner will know who Action Bronson is, and there’s a reason why this famed marijuana renaissance man chooses dabbing as his preferred method of getting high.

Dabbing is becoming increasingly more popular among cannabis consumers all over the world.

Not only does it provide you with a particular kind of high, but choosing a dab rig is one of the most exciting aspects of deciding to switch over from a vape or regular bong.

If you’re thinking about getting into dabbing, then you’re going to want to put a lot of thought into your first dab rig. Here are seven useful tips to help you make the right choice.

1. Choose a Dab Rig Appropriate for Your Usage

You don’t need to invest in a lavish, over-the-top dab rig if you don’t smoke on a daily basis. Instead, take into consideration how much dabbing you actually do.

Likewise, if you’re a daily dabber, then you’re going to want to invest in one of the best dab rigs so that it can keep up with your lifestyle.

If you opt for a smaller rig, then you’re going to have to clean it a lot more often and that can be a hassle.

When spending your money on your first rig, be honest with yourself about how much you’re going to actually use it. If you know you’re not going to be dabbing more than once a week or so, then stay away from the huge, attractive rigs that only professional stoners use.

2. Show Off Your Personal Style

The best dab rig for you is going to be one that shows off your personal style. Remember, this piece of glass and it’s going to accompany you to a lot of smoke sessions and adventures. It's important!

So, make sure you take your time and choose a rig that fits your personal tastes. You will, after all, likely be sharing it with friends. Now’s the time to really look for something you think looks cool.

The best thing about this is that, because dabbing is becoming more popular, artists put a lot of time and effort into designing the glass. So, you’ll have your fair share of choices when you’re selecting your rig’s new style.

3. High-Quality Glass

Like any statement wardrobe piece, you want your dab rig to be high-quality so that it’ll last you a long time. Even though it might be tempting to buy a cheap glass piece, it’s better to invest in high-quality glass. 

The great thing about that, however, is that you don't have to pay top dollar for high-quality glass! Quality and affordability go hand in hand, at least with us.

Stay away from cheap glass from China, as these kinds of bongs and rigs don’t last long. Customers also often have problems with the quality of the glass but can’t get ahold of customer service as companies are so far away.

Need help choosing your first dab rig? Go with quality! You’ll be happy you made the investment as the piece is going to last you much longer, which will save you money in the long-run.

With the right kind of glass, your rig will be durable enough for you to upgrade it with accessories throughout the years as you evolve your dabbing skills more and more.

4. Great Torch

While you’re picking out your first rig, it’s important to factor in the need for a great torch.

Similar to investing in high-quality glass, if you invest in a great torch, you’re going to save money over time. This is because cheaper torches don’t last long and tend to overheat pretty fast.

If you’re working with a cheaper torch, you also run the risk of burning your concentrate too quickly, which is going to result in a less-than-ideal taste.

5. Choose a Quartz Bucket for the Best Flavor

Speaking of taste, if you’re more worried about the taste of your dabs than you are the look of your actual rig, go with a quartz bucket. Although, rigs with quartz buckets look pretty impressive, too.

Quartz buckets don’t interfere with the natural terpenes of the concentrates you’re going to dab. On top of that, the buckets tend to be a little deeper, which means they can handle higher quantities of concentrate.

This is especially true when it comes to choosing the right kind of nail for your rig.

Because you constantly heat, reheat, remove, and replace the nail, it needs to be made of durable material. Opt for quartz here and you won’t feel disappointed.

6. Consider an On-the-Go Rig

An electric dab rig is great for dabbers on the go. However, for your first rig, most experts suggest looking for something smaller anyway. Look for something that can easily fit in the palm of one of your hands so that it’s easy to hold.

A portable dab rig might make sense here if you know you move around a lot and are going to be transporting your dab back and forth between smoke sessions at different friends’ houses.

It’s best to stay away from concentrate pens if you can. You’ll get a much better experience out of electric oil rigs, or e-rigs. 

These work specifically for dabbing and are going to provide you with a much cleaner, more concentrated dab than a standard concentrate pen might offer you.

7. Make Sure You Know How to Clean a Rig

Don’t purchase your first dab rig if you don’t know how to properly clean a rig in the first place!

If you let resin and grime build up on the glass, then you’ll soon start to notice just how quickly the rig seems to deteriorate. Don’t do this to your first precious piece of glass.

Make sure you not only learn how to clean a rig, but that you learn how to clean your specific rig. This is especially true if you’re going to start adding on accessories and building up the rig over time.

Not all the pieces you purchase are going to have the same cleaning requirements. But, to ensure that the rig functions properly and delivers fresh, strong hits, you’re going to want to know what those cleaning requirements are.

Ready for Your First Dab Rig?

Choosing the right dab rig setup is a lot of fun, especially if it’s your first one.

If you’re new to dabbing, then choosing the right setup can be the difference between enjoying your sessions and feeling like you’re getting hit with hot, harsh concentrate each time you dab.

Ready to choose your new piece? Head over to our dab rigs section to browse our selection of high-quality options!

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