Dab Torch

Dab Torch

When it comes to buying a torch for dabs, it can be intimidating. Most new dabbers on the block are scared of the huge flame and aren’t sure how hot the quartz banger needs to be. Don’t worry, you are not alone!  We are going to give you the full complete guide to understanding what type of torches are available for dabs. 

All the torches available at Stoned Genie are refillable with Butane gas. These are the most common dab torches on the market. If you see any other torch that takes propane or any other gas, do not buy it. It will cause you too many headaches in the long run and it’s not easily refillable. When you purchase one that takes Butane, you can walk into your local Head Shop and usually find a can of butane for a reasonable price. 

What Kind of Torch should I use for Dabs? 

When selecting the right Dab Torch you want to consider a couple of key features. We want to make sure it has an adjustable flame, safety lock, and refillable hole at the bottom. Ensuring you have these features will allow you to dab your favorite concentrates comfortably. 

We recommend the following torches for the best dabbing experience. 

Blink Mod Torch

The Blink Mod Torch is one of our newest designs. As you can see it’s sleek, portable, and heavy duty. It has a huge flame that will ensure you will be able to get your quartz bucket banger to the proper temperature. This torch is specifically popular due to its straight flame design versus the normal angled torch design. 

Beretta Dab Torch 

The Beretta torch is a popular torch due to its eye-catching aesthetic design. When most people first see this torch, they usually can’t believe their eyes. However, when they finally get to use it, that’s when they are fully convinced. It’s a heavy duty torch that will last you the long haul. Showing this off at your next friendsgiving will be sure to get the entire room lit. 

Blink Tiger Torch 

This is the smallest torch of the bunch. It might be small, but its flame is far from it. It has 4 single flame flames that work together to bring you the perfect heat.In addition, it’s small enough to fit in your pocket without any hassle. This is the perfect torch you can bring on a camping trip to help start a campfire and get you lit. 

Blink Edge Torch 

The blink edge torch is affordable and of amazing quality. It comes in multiple colors. If you are on a budget but still need a torch for dabbing, this is the best torch for you. 

Will any torch work for dabs?

No, we don’t recommend using any of the mini torches. The mini torches shouldn’t be relied upon to use them when trying to dab. It takes too long to heat up your banger to the appropriate temperature. You also run the risk of running out of butane gas or the rare case the lighter explodes. This is a very rare case, however, that is the reason we do not recommend using a mini blink torch for any dabbing equipment. 

Mini torches should be used as windproof lighters, when you are trying to light a bowl while it’s windy outside, this is the perfect scenario for a mini torch. 

How to refill a Butane Dab Torch? 

Refilling a butane dab torch is very easy. First, you need to purchase a can of butane from your local smoke shop or head shop. Once you have your can, take off the cap and stick the top of the can into the refillable hole at the bottom of your torch. Please see illustration below

Torch Dabbing Safety Tips:

Make sure to never TOUCH the banger or nail after you are done dabbing. Make sure to invest in a carb cap to keep those hands safe. 

Use a flat service when dabbing so it’s easier to set the torch down without it falling so it can safely cool down from the heat. 

Never leave torches unattended with children around, always store it in an area where only an adult can access it. 

When not using, please use the safety feature and lock the torch. It will not allow the flame to be released even when pushing the ignition button.