Cost-Effective and Durable Torches in Your Pockets


Whether you are camping with family or friends, ensuring the shadow at the food of your garden was just a swaying bush and not an intruder, traveling at night, or rummaging through your loft, we have a range of torches that give you portable light whenever you need it. With just a flick of the switch or a turn of the crank handle, there will be light whenever necessary. You are never in the dark if you own a portable torch. 


Today, modern torches will not only offer a high standard of lighting, but they also come with many additional functions that come in handy. Owing to the solid-state construction of our torches, you can rest assured that they do not break easily. Most of our torches are not only weather and waterproof, but they are also shockproof and impact proof. This means that our torches will not break whenever they are dropped and will withstand all types of weather conditions.


Our torches are versatile and lightweight. You can carry them anywhere conveniently without feeling any extra weight. Our torches have been made to be convenient for using, carrying, and storing. You can keep them on your office table, drawer, car, and even carry them around with ease. We have torches that can easily fit into your purse or pockets. This means that you can carry our torches around with ease. 

Different Sizes

Stoned Genie torches come in all shapes and sizes, including torches that can fit in any work or school bag and glove compartment. We ensure that we cater to the needs of every consumer by providing a variety of torches. You never know when you will need emergency lighting and that is why we also have small torches that can come in handy. We offer a while range of flashlight options that can are handheld, or can be attached to your keychain or around the wrist. 

We have different options available including straight head, angled head, and even adjustable head torch. Whether you want mini torches or 5” Torch that are bigger and hold more power and will last longer, you can choose from our dab torches. Whatever size or shape of torch you are looking for, you can rest assured that we have it stocked and come at highly competitive prices. 

Get Lighting in Emergency Situations

In the event of a power outage, a torch can save you from lots of hassles. Irrespective of whether you are outside or inside the house, a good quality torch is definitely a life saver. Your smartphone’s flashlight can help, but it is never a great option when you are looking for bright lighting. Furthermore, your battery will run out pretty quickly when you keep the phone’s flashlight on for an extended period of time. In case of an emergency, a dead mobile phone will not be helpful. Therefore, use a good quality torch instead of relying on other unreliable means of lighting. 

At Stoned Genie, we have a wide range of torches that can help you whenever you are maneuvering a dark spot. Our torches also look good since we not only focus on functionality but also style. You are assured of good directional light and friendly grips and will never flicker out suddenly. Furthermore, our torches are cost-effective and low maintenance and will ensure you get light whenever you are in the dark.