Dab Accessories

Dab Accessories 

Are you looking for the perfect attachments to your dab rig? Whether you are looking for a quality quartz banger, terp slurper, dab torch, dabber, or carb cap, we got you covered. We work with the best manufacturers in the industry to bring you guys quality products at an unbeatable price. With the rise in dabbing across many cannabis users around the world, there has been a huge increase in dab accessory products. 

Different Types of Dab Accessories 

Quartz Banger

Bangers are essential from turning your regular bong into a dab rig. By switching out the bowl with either a 14mm quartz banger or 18mm quartz banger, you can make that bong into a dab rig. Getting a good high quality quartz banger is recommended, you should check out our Stoned Genie premium bucket banger

Terp Slurper

Now if you are a dabbing connoisseur, you are most likely going to want a terp slurper. Terp slurpers are known for their unique design for optimal flavor extraction. Due to the multiple compartments and that create a vacuum effect it allows for full vaporization of all the terpenes. So also known as no wax will be going to waste! Our terp slurper is only $14.99, so you don’t need to break the bank to smoke like a pro! 

Dab Torch

Torch is obviously needed to get your quartz banger or nail heated to a temperature that can actually vaporize the wax. Dab torches are awesome because they are refillable and will last you a long time. For any dabber out there we recommend our Blink Torch. 

Dab Tool 

This accessory is most important to not get your hands sticky and not lose out on any wax. The sharp ends make it easy to scoop your dabs out of a jar and safely add it to a heated banger. Having a good dab tool ensures you don’t burn yourself. 

Carb Cap

A carb cap is essential in the world of dabbing. It’s designed to sit on the top of a banger towards the end of your rip to help enhance the vaporization of the leftover concentrate. Since the carb cap sits on top of the banger it allows for heat to be trapped and the dab to be taken at a lower temperature so you don’t take a harsh rip. 

Ruby Dab Pearls 

Made from high-quality synthetic ruby, these tiny pearls are placed in the banger or nail of a dab rig. When heating up your banger, you also heat up these pears because their purpose is to spread and redistribute the concentrate across the heated banger. The use of these ruby pearls enhances every rip but also makes it more efficient. If you are someone who appreciates the flavor of each dab, you should invest in getting a few ruby dab pearls. 


What are dab accessories? 

These are smoking accessories that are designed and made specifically for smoking and vaporizing concentrates. They are made to withstand higher heat levels so you don’t have to worry about anything cracking from heat. 

Must have dab accessories? 

If you are a beginner starting out, we recommend you start with the basics. Get yourself a good quartz banger, dab tool, dab torch, and carb cap. With these essential dab accessories, you will have everything you need to enjoy the best dabbing experience.