Halloween Bongs

Halloween Bongs

Where to get the best selection of Halloween Bongs? 

Stoned Genie stands out as the go to store for all your Stoner Halloween needs. We have curated a selection of affordable halloween inspired bongs. How can it be spooky season without smoking out of a pumpkin bong? Which is our most popular halloween themed item. We even have a selection of twisted devil bongs & horn pipes. No matter what design you are looking for, we have got you covered. 

How to keep your Halloween Bong Clean? 

Make sure you don't confuse spooky season with dirty bong season, lol. But in all seriousness, we recommend to keep your Halloween bong clean year round. The best way to do that is use a pipe cleaner or brush to gently scrub the inside and down stem. For stubborn residue, mix isopropyl alcohol and salt, then shake it in the bong for a thorough cleaning. Rinse thoroughly with water afterward. Clean the bowl and mouthpiece in the same way.

What other Halloween accessories do we carry? 

Not looking for a Halloween bong? No worries, we have got your back with other accessories and glass pipes. Our black & red devil hand pipes are year round favorites from our customers. It has a deep bowl with a cool horn design, it's your next favorite pipe, trust us. 


Can I Buy Halloween Bongs Wholesale? 

We are industry leaders when providing competitive wholesale pricing and customer service. If you are a business looking to add some spooky new items to your inventory, please apply at our application here