Bongs Under $20 Bucks

What’s better than adding a new piece to your bong collection? Doing so at a great price!

At Stone Genie, we have a list of inexpensive bongs for under $20 that you’re sure to love. After all, we never want budget to be something that stops someone from getting the experience they’re after. With a cheap bong from a reliable company, you’re sure to have a bit extra cash to throw down the next time you re-up with friends. 

Our inexpensive bongs range from small pieces that are perfect for travel, to larger rigs that will be a stationary fixture at home. Just because many of these bongs have a lower price tag doesn’t mean that you’re sacrificing for lower quality. Instead, we aim to provide you a reliable bong at an affordable price. After all, there is no reason that anyone should have to sacrifice when lighting up your favorite herb.

We have an expansive list of bongs for sale. To find your favorite bong for under $20, check out some of our top sellers below. You can also check out many of our other bongs here

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