Mini Bongs

Mini Bong | Small Bongs

Small cute bongs have become very popular in the cannabis community. We recommend having a mini bong as a part of your glass collection. However, finding a cool mini bong at your local smoke shop is usually not the best option. Stoned Genie has solved this problem by hand selecting an amazing variety of small bongs that are affordable and reliable. 

Benefits of Mini Bongs

A few of the main benefits of a small water pipe are how portable and compact they are. They are easy to take along on your next camping or road trip. Easy to hide and keep things discreet. If you are looking to store a mini bong underneath your sink, we recommend the 6” Classic Beaker Bong. 

Cost of Mini Bongs

Mini Bongs are one of the most affordable price points on the market. Our options are all below $25. This allows you to be experimental with different designs so you can see which one you like best. In addition, we also sell replacement down stems, so if you do break the original stem, we got you covered. 

Different Types of Mini Bongs

Pink Mini Bong

We have two different types of pink mini bongs. The first one is our Pink Frosted Beaker Bong, this one has a carburetor hole in the back. Classic design for any old school smoker. 

The second option is Pink Beaker Base Bong. This design has a mini ice catcher and down stem. This cool mini water pipe has just enough features to satisfy any smoker. 

SG Classic Beaker Bong

The mini SG classic beaker is an essential bong for any smoker. It’s clear design makes it easy to know when it needs cleaning. It has the classic carb hole in the back for when you need to clear out your bowl. Easy to clean and store away. Overall an essential mini water pipe for any smoker. 

Twisted Devil Bong

This devil twisted neck design is perfect for anyone looking to cross over to the dark side. It’s even the perfect bong to break out during halloween season. Comes with a 14mm bowl and the down stem is infused inside. 

Mystery Fun Box

The mystery fun box is perfect for anyone who wants a bong set up at an affordable price. It includes a baby bong bong, glass pipe, and mystery lighter for only $14.99. It’s cheap, affordable, and perfect for someone who needs their first bong kit. 

Where To Buy Mini Bongs Wholesale

Stoned Genie now offers wholesale pricing for all retailers. We can help you get the perfect assortment of mini water bongs for your smoke shop, gas station, or even head shop. It’s easy to sign up with us. If you have any direct questions, we can also be reached at You can find our wholesale application here


How to clean a Mini Bong? 

Cleaning a mini bong is a very easy task. We recommend using rubbing alcohol and salt to clean your bong completely. Just add the alcohol to any zip lock bag and let you bong soak for a few minutes. After add some salt to the same bag and start shaking. Rinse and repeat as many times as needed. 

How to use a small bong? 

Using a small bong is very simple. Just grind up your herb with a grinder. Pack the bowl that comes with your small bong. Add some water to the base, test the water level. Once optimal water level is reached, go ahead and light up your bowl. Simple and easy.