Mushroom Bong

Mushroom Bong

Are you looking for a psychedelic mushroom design water pipe? We have found some beautifully handcrafted mushroom percolator bongs, coming in a variety of colors. Our most popular mushroom bong is our 10” Premium Mushroom Bong. It has a flat base with multiple mushrooms for its percolator. The mushroom percolator has perfect functionality with a skinny neck design to ensure no backsplash when clearing the bowl.
Mushroom style smoking accessories have been a staple in the cannabis community since back in the 70s. Psychedelics and cannabis culture have a lot of overlap and naturally people have developed a love for both which has created a ton of mushroom bongs, mushroom pipes, and other accessories in the smoke shop market.

Do we sell any mushroom glass pipes?

We do currently have a variety of mushroom glass pipes in stock. These are beautifully hand crafted and made to last. They come in a variety of colors from blue, red, to orange. The design is handcrafted and feels like it should sit behind a piece of glass in an art museum. But if you are looking for a hand pipe or a daily glass bong, we have got you covered.

Best way to clean by mushroom bong?

Keeping your mushroom bong clean is essential. Especially due to its amazing percolator design. You want to make sure to keep it clean so avoid any clogging. You can also use a cleaner like 420 solution or regular rubbing alcohol. Just make sure to rinse it with hot water first and after adding your cleaning solution. You might also want a few glass pipe cleaning bristols to help with cleaning the bowl piece area.

What other mushroom accessories do we carry?

A very popular accessory is our mushroom lighter. We have 3 different trippy psychedelic designs, all beautiful colors. This lighter is very popular due to its zippo style. It has a flint and the flame is turned off by closing the lid of the lighter. It is shipped to you empty with no butane, but easily refillable at the bottom once received.

Want to buy Mushroom Bongs Wholesale?

We have mushroom bongs available to any retailer and can provide wholesale pricing. Please fill out our wholesale application here.