Mini Rig Dab

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Shop for our mini than usual touch rigs at our online head-shop. Mini rigs are concentrate pipes - a kind of water pipe planned explicitly for the utilization of waxes and oils or "spots". Smoke Cartel has the best choice of glass touch rigs available to be purchased, your new most loved spot rig is only a tick away.

Capitalize on your honey, budder, and break with an extraordinary smaller than usual touch rig. These water pipes are intended to diffuse intensity, not give serious filtration, offer dabbers a simple force, and augment the kind of their concentrates. Make the most of your honey, budder, and shatter with a special mini dab rig. The reason mini rigs are preferred is they are designed to diffuse the heat of the dab and not provide intense water filtration so it’s easier to rip. Most dabbers will also admit, they get maximized flavor for their concentrates with the mini dab rig vs. a normal sized one.

Searching online for a mini rig can be troublesome, however, we've attempted to make the cycle piece more straightforward. We've organized a choice of the greatest quality borosilicate glass fixes, and have a wide determination of spot instruments to go with your apparatus buy.