Rolling Papers

The Best Rolling Papers

Whether you are a cannabis or tobacco smoker, rolling papers are a crucial part of your smoking ritual. With packing papers, you have an alternative of creating your own cigarettes instead of purchasing pre-made ones that are packaged by somebody else and may even contain chemicals. At Stoned Genie, we have a wide range rolling papers to cater to the needs of every smoking enthusiast. 

Quality Material 

Our rolling papers are made from wood pulp, rice, and hemp. We understand that all these materials have unique benefits and this is why we offer our clients variety. We have hemp papers for those who want easier to roll and thicker papers that have a medium burn time. For those who want the longest burn time, rice paper is perfect since it burns the slowest. However, rice rolling paper is not ideal for those who stay in the Pacific Northwest since moisture and damp air will make it difficult to roll. 

Thinner is Better

Our rolling papers are extremely thin to guarantee a slower and more even burn. This means that our users can never experience canoeing whenever they are toking. Furthermore, our thinner rolling papers allow your cannabis flavor to shine since you will not be inhaling more paper smoke. There are also some ultra-thin papers, but they may be more challenging to roll compared to hemp paper rolls. 

Rolling Papers for Less Skilled and Experienced Smokers

At Stoned Genie, we stock rolling paper options featuring unique filter tips that are perfect for distinctive tastes and styles. This simply means that more skilled smokers can opt for more advanced innovative papers while less skilled smokers can find simple and easy to use rolling papers. Our roll papers have mild tastes and easy-to-roll texture that will not hinder your smooth smoking experience. 


You can add fascination to your cigarette or cannabis smoking experience with quality rolling papers from Stoned Genie. We have a wide range of rolling papers including flax, wood pulp, rice straw, and hemp. Check our range of rolling papers made from distinctive dimensions including joint papers or blanks that can be quickly rolled manually or with machines. At Stoned Genie, you will find incredibly remarkable smoking rolling papers that have delicious flavors to boost your smoking experience.

Slow Burn Rate

At Stoned Genie, our rolling papers have a slow burn rate that will help you enjoy smoking. With slower burn rates, our rolling papers are perfect for blunts, cigars, and joints. Furthermore, the papers come in a variety of thickness and thinness. If you enjoy making your own smokes, then you will definitely love the quality of our rolling papers. We also have necessary smoking accessories like wicks, rolling trays, rolling lighters, and even filters. 

Rolling papers from Stoned Genie are a natural way of rolling your own herb setups and cigarettes. If you have any concerns about what you are smoking through the papers, then our rolling papers give you an environmentally friendly and safe choice. Furthermore, our rolling papers come at cost-effective prices making them affordable to most smokers. Get our rolling papers today to improve and enhance your smoking sessions whether you are a herb or tobacco enthusiast.