The Best Weed Grinders
In the past, weed stoners used to grind up their cannabis using fingers or scissors for those who were lucky. With innovations in the industry, things have now changed and we have a device that has transformed the marijuana industry forever, the weed grinder. A grinder is a perfect gift that every smoker should get for him or herself whether you use it for tobacco or marijuana. You will have less mess while grinding all your cannabis flowers and you will always have a fresh yield of bud that you pack into a bowl or roll whenever necessary. At Stoned Genie, we have wide range of weed grinders to suit your needs. 
Whether you want grinders made of plastic or metal, Stoned Genie has everything that you need. Having a grinder will make you stand out of the crowd, especially when you are smoking your weed or tobacco at a friend’s home, a social gathering, or a party. 
What Are Weed Grinders?
A weed grinder is simply a tool that is made of two, three, or even four components that are used for breaking cannabis into very small pieces to guarantee smoother hits or make wrapping in the rolling paper much easier. A weed grinder is a revolutionary and innovative tool that ever cannabis user should have. 
Weed grinders have a circular or cylindrical shape with two separate halves and sharp pegs or teeth. Grinders are designed such that when both halves of the grinder are turned, the ingredients inside will be shredded. 
Weed grinders are available as 2, 3, 4, or even 5 piece grinders and come in different designs, shapes, and sizes. Grinders are made from durable materials such as zinc alloy, wood, acrylic plastic, and stone.  Grinders are mainly used by stoners around the globe to either roll their ground cannabis in rolling papers, use vaporizers, vape pens, bubblers, pipes, and bongs. 
With a good marijuana grinder, you will save yourself lots of time and ensure a less stressful smoking experience. The good thing is that Stoned Genie has something for everyone with our wide variety of grinders available in different sizes and shapes.
Benefits of Weed Grinders
Weed shops and pharmacies also need a huge supply of grinders for local cannabis consumers and travelers who require something cheap and quick or even something long-term. Consumers enjoy the feeling of knowing that they can roll up their cannabis without having to deal with sticky residue on their hands or be forced to clean up weed crumbs from your clothes. 
Another benefit of having a grinder is that it is convenient and being portable, it can be carried around with ease. In addition, weed grinders do not leave any mess that has to be cleaned up and they are extremely discreet. With herb grinders, your marijuana will be ground to perfection and will be ready for smoking within seconds. 
Most cannabis grinders will also offer a pollen screen that helps to filter out and collect kief. Kief is mainly used for spicing up the joint and also in making tasty edibles. Grinders also have stash or storage compartments with a nylon friction ring that guarantees a smooth twisting action. This is very important especially for smokers or medical patients that have challenges breaking their buds using their hands. 
Weed grinders have brought lots of convenience and ease to smoking enthusiasts and nobody want to go back to the old days of breaking marijuana buds with a scissors or hand. 
Get The Best Weed Grinders at Stoned Genie
At Stoned Genie, we have a wide range of high-quality and budget friendly cannabis grinders to suit your smoking needs and pockets. Our grinders have a see-through window lid and additional sharp teeth to ensure a smooth grinding action. We also have grinders that have pollen catcher sessions that help in collecting your kief. You can also find grinders that have a hand crank and storage compartments. Check out our assortment of grinders and transform your smoking experience.