Dab Rigs

The future is here for those dabbing oils and other types of concentrates. While everyone loves a good bowl of some dry herb; a dab of some fire is sure to send you to the moon unlike ever before. Once you start dabbing on a regular basis, it’ll be time to add a new rig to your collection of pipes, bongs and other smoking accessories

Before you try to use the same setup for both flower and dabs, we implore you to consider the long-term impact this might have. While everyone loves good concentrates and dry herbs, things can get quite messy if you don’t have seperate rigs for both. This is because your oils and concentrates will start to make everything sticky, making it more of a challenge to smoke flower from the same piece. Here at StonedGenie, we want you to be ready to smoke, no matter what the conditions are. That’s why each of our dab rigs comes with two bowls - one you can use for your dry herbs and another for your concentrates. When you buy from us, you’re ready to burn whatever it is you have in your stash. 

Want to take your dab rig to a friend’s house? Even better. Our portable dab rig options provide the same reliable quality you need for an epic smokeout, while also being small and compact for travel. Of course, it’s never a good idea to travel with residue or any other type of buildup in your rig, so be sure to check out our inventory of accessories for new attachments, cleaning gear and much more. 

Check out some of our best selling dab rig options below. 

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