Dab Rigs

Get The Best Dab Rigs

One of the best smoking items that every stonner should have is a Dab Rig. At Stoned Genie, we provide a wide variety of smoking devices, including dab rigs also called wax rigs or oil rigs. Dab rigs are designed specifically for vaporizing waxes and concentrates. They are usually manufactured using borosilicate glass and tend to be smaller when compared to bongs or water pipes, however, they are bigger than most bubblers.  

Our assortment of dab rigs includes beaker models, recycler designs, straight tube models, and rigs that have fixed downstems and percolaters. At Stoned Genie, you are assured of getting high-quality and affordable dab rigs at the best prices possible regardless of the sizes, styles, and shapes. 

Types of Dab Rigs

Today, we have different types of dab rigs that offer varying benefits and come with unique features that provide a fantastic smoking experience. At Stoned Genie, we stock a wide range of high-end models and cheap dab rigs to suit the financial muscles of every stoner. When choosing a rig you should consider the material, the type of percolator, and whether you need an electric dab rig or a dab torch. Some of the dab gigs we have at Stoned Genie include the following:

They are the most popular kind of rigs in the market. Glass dab rigs are made from heat resistant borosilicate glass. At Stoned genie, we offer a range of mini and large glass dab rigs. We also have a rigs with have one or more percolators to enhance filtration. Our dab rigs collection come in a range of shapes and sizes to suit your preferences. When well maintained our glass dab rigs can serve you for many years. 

  • Silicone Dab rigs and Bongs
  • If you want a more durable and affordable dab rig, then we have silicone dab rig and bong. This type of dab rig is designed for generating big vapor hits. This type of oil rig may not appear trendy, but it performs well, is virtually indestructible, and comes in many colorful designs. Silicone dab rigs are great for stoners who want to enjoy their dab without spending lots of money on it. 

  • Percolator Dab Rigs
  • These dab rigs are quite popular because of the filtration, cleaning, and cooking of the vapor they provide. At Stoned Genie, we have a wide range of rigs that have different percolators for a smoother dabbing session including inline percolators, Swisspercolators, honeycombpercolators, and Showerheadpercolators.

  • Electric Dab rigs. 
  • These type of rigs are great for smoking enthusiasts who want to dab without using butane torch as the source of heat. Electric dab rigs utilize an electric coil to automatically heat up to the perfect vaping temperature. You can enjoy a fully customized dabbing session by automatically choosing from a range of temperatures. An e-nail or electric dab rig will provide the ultimate dab experience that you are looking for. 

    Why Should Herb Smokers Purchase a Dab Rig?

    Dab rigs are simply vaping devices that provide a healthier and safer way of consuming herbs, concentrates, and waxy oils. They are specially designed water pipe that allows users to efficiently vaporize their concentrated materials and enjoy the full effects and flavors they have to offer. Dab rigs utilize an electric controlled or external heat source to ensure uniform heating of the material without that harmful combustion that is experienced with normal bongs. 

    Most wax or dab rigs provide water filtration in form of percolators and recycler tubes to enhance diffusion. This results in a cleaner and smoother hit that you have never experienced before. Dab rigs come in different styles, shapes, and prices to ensure there is a rig that suits the unique needs of every dabber. 

    When dabbing was established, smokers would utilize heating elements that are fixed on a regular water pipe for dabbing and vaporizing their concentrates and waxy oils. The good thing is that things have evolved over time and there is a wide range of tabletop and more portable oil rigs, dab rigs, and dabbing accessories that are designed specifically for this job. 

    The best thing about dab rigs is that they utilize a nail with vapor dome or a heater banger to ensure uniform diffusion of heat. The baggers or nails are usually made from quartz, titanium, or ceramic, which retains heat for longer. They also offer a platform for placing your materials on after heating them to their optimal vaping temperature.  The best advantage is that all this will happen without burning your herb products allowing you to just inhale the vapor instead of unwanted smoke. 

    At Stoned Genie, we stock a wide range of mini dab rigs, affordable dab rigs, e-rigs, electric e-nails, and e-rigs that offer a controlled and consistent temperatures to deliver the perfect dab cannabis.

    Get the Best Dab Rigs From Stoned Genie

    At Stoned Genie, our main goal is to offer cannabis enthusiasts exceptional dab gigs for sale. We also have a plethora of items available on our store that can enhance your smoking experience. In addition to glass dab rigs, you can also get dab rig carb cap, quartz banger, and nectar collectors. With Stoned Genie, you can rest assured of getting every smoking item or accessory from our store.