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Brycen Taylor

Great rig, hits perfect and is smooth. still havent figured out what the dome piece is for but it can't be a bowl because it's to wide. if I could just find out what that peice is it'd just be even more perfect

Terra T

This bong is definitely better than my last one! it’s so cute and definitely does the job!


It's a great kit for the price. I'm very satisfed!


Works great worth the money

Richard Cross

This small bubbler is very handy for a quick on the fly puff or two !


It’s very fragile, especially the down stem, it also doesn’t balance very well, but it’s super clean, rips amazing and smooth hits. Pleasantly surprised , other than it being fragile I love it.

Krista leigh

This baby is solid and made of fully colored glass. Great smooth hit. Customer survice was also fantastic, i definitely recommended route insurance.

Dj Ozone

For a great price! 😁... Not too big... Very smooth pull a nice draw... Can use for dabs or flower... About to pack a bowl right now!


I love the design of this bong so much. It's a perfect size for your lap and it produces such milky hits. However, when it gets dirty (as it will) the iridescence is harder to see :(


This bong hits cool and smooth, it is however hard to get ice in it, have to crush it up into smaller pieced to fit.


Love this, and had to relearn smoking with a bong because of being used to a shorter straight shot bong. Those perculators really change dynamics of draw time etc. Just don't put cold water in the main water chamber. I did and it caused the colour film that gives the bong it's colour to bubble up and peel off in a couple of small areas.

Michele Casey

Beautiful color! I was specifically searching for a lavender bong to go with my decor. I came across this bundle and could not pass it up. Arrived quick and packaged securely. Super happy with this purchase. The little elephant bowl is adorable too.