Dab Rigs Under $50 Bucks

Cheap Dab Rigs

What is the difference between Dabbing and Flower?
Dabbing has become one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis. The main difference is the type of cannabis being consumed. Dabbing is when you use a THC concentrate that is a THC extract created with butane. It requires high heat for it to start burning in order to smoke it. Which is why you see people having dab torches along their dab rig. Smoking flower is the more traditional route, people usually like to roll that into a joint or enjoy smoking from a bong
Having a reliable sturdy dab rig is essential now. Stoned Genie has hand picked a collection of dab rigs for under 50 bucks. Our collection allows you to save money but does not sacrifice quality. The quality you get for your money will be top tier and your friends won’t believe how affordable your new dab rig was. All of our dab rig kits come with a 14mm dry herb bowl & 14mm quartz banger. 

Different Types of Dab Rigs

Mini Dab Rig

A small dab rig is a perfect starter rig. The mini design allows for extra terpene flavor with your concentrates. In addition, it’s perfect to travel with and easy to store away. 

Recycler Dab Rig

If you are looking for amazing water functionality, a recycler dab rig is your best bet. The water percolator allows for easy air pull and smooth dabs. If you are someone who likes a good smoke filtration, you are in luck we have the perfect options available for you. 

Dab Rig Kit

Are you looking for a dab rig kit that has all the accessories you need? Well, we have your back. We created some amazing dab rig kits that include a dab tool and carb cap at an unbeatable price. In addition, all of our kits come with a dry flower bowl, if you ever need to switch it up. 

Cute Dab Rig

If you are looking for a cute dab rig, you have come to the right place. We have an amazing collection of pink, purple, and other cool dab rigs. We’ve even got cute accessories to complete your perfect set up.

Cheap Dab Rig

Buying a cheap dab rig can be intimidating but we have got you covered. You don’t want to buy something at your local gas station or liquor store. You want to come to a long time reputable company like Stoned Genie. We have hand selected the perfect rigs that will fit your everyday needs. We have all the perfect accessories at an unbeatable price. Lastly, we have top notch customer service to help you with any request you may have. 

What accessories do you need for your Dab Rig? 

Dab Torch

Torches are essential to the dabbing experience. We carry a wide range of torches to match your needs. Whether you are looking for something heavy duty or even a windproof mini torch, we have the perfect selection for you. 

Carb Cap

Having a good quality carb cap is essential. We have a wide range of bubble, directional, and animal dab caps.  Carb caps are essential for clearing your chamber and ensuring you don’t burn your fingers. 

Quartz Banger

This is the most important accessory needed for dabbing. Quartz is a type of glass that can withstand heat up to 230 degrees fahrenheit. Which is the reason you must have a quartz banger in order to dab properly. . Normal glass bowls are made of borosilicate glass and are dangerous to heat up to high temperature to smoke your concentrates. 

Dab Rig Stand

Are you someone who likes to keep things organized? This will be your best friend. The dab rig stand has a place for your dab tool and carb cap. This allows you to keep everything in one area. The last thing you need is misplacing any of your accessories so you can’t dab properly. 

Dab Nail

If you are looking for a cheaper option than a quartz banger you can always get a dab nail.. Dab nails can come in glass, quartz glass, or even titanium. Depending on your preference any of those can work for your rig. 

Safety Tips When Dabbing

Always make sure to be safe when you are starting to dab. It’s very easy to forget that you are dealing with high temperature glass and a butane torch. People often burn their arms or fingers because they forget the banger is hot. So make sure you are always allowing your banger or nail to cool down in a safe area. Turn the nozzle on your butane torch to close and use its safety lock feature. Dab on a flat surface so you don’t have any risk of things falling down and breaking.