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  • How Do Bongs Work?

    If you’ve smoked weed for a while, you may have come across a bong before. Often made of glass, these long, tube-like devices may look a little alien to the uninitiated, but to the seasoned smoker, they’re an appealing option for getting high.

    In this guide, we take an in-depth look at bongs: what they are and importantly, how they work on a scientific level.

    We also look at the different types of bongs and how they each work, including gravity bongs and percolators.

    You can also find answers to the big questions about smoking with a bong, such as why we use water, and whether bongs get you higher.

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  • With marijuana laws relaxing across the country, smokers can begin to explore different ways of smoking their favorite herb. One method that’s been around for a while but has spiked in popularity is the use of glass pipes. 

    These handy devices offer a simple smoking experience, with many glass pipe users delighted with the cooling impact the glass material has on smoke. 

    Given their rise in popularity, we decided to put together this comprehensive guide to glass pipes. Below, you can discover what they are, where to buy them, why people use them, and how to care for and maintain them.   

    If you have any questions while reading the guide or if you’d like to buy a glass pipe, get in touch or head here to view our range

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  • One method of smoking weed that’s becoming more and more popular is the use of a bubbler. This smoking device is smaller than a bong. In some cases, they’re prettier to look at and easier to use, while still offering that clean smoking experience. 

    However, bubbler pipes aren’t known to a lot of marijuana smokers, so that’s why we put together this guide. 

    Below, you can find the answers to popular questions like, “What is a bubbler pipe?”. And we’ll offer tips and guidance on everything from how to use and clean your bubblers to the different types you can buy.

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