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  • How to Roll a Blunt?

    How To Roll A Blunt: The Easiest Method For The Best Smoke There comes a time in every smoker's life when they need to learn how to roll a blunt. No longer can you depend on that friend who’s rolled you every joint you’ve ever smoked, and no longer can you afford the extra cost of pre-rolled blu... View Post
  • Welcome to the world of DIY joint rolling, where we're about to embark on a journey that ditches the conventional filters and takes a hands-on approach. Rolling a joint without a filter is an art form that enthusiasts and newcomers alike can appreciate. Whether you're out of filters or just prefer a classic touch, this guide will show you the step-by-step process of artistically rolling the perfect joint without a filter. So, grab your favorite rolling paper, herb, and let's make you a rolling master.  View Post
  • Since the existence of cannabis there has been an evolution in culture surrounding this magical plant. The biggest evolution has been the THC concentration that has taken place from back in the 60’s and 70’s compared to present day. Today, you can find highly concentrated THC that is made into wa... View Post