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Cool Bongs

Cool bongs are something every stoner needs in their tool box of gadgets. Consuming cannabis from a boring old bong with no fun designs isn’t something most consumers want. Nowadays, cool bongs come in various creative designs and shapes. These items surpass the typical standards, offering innovation and creativity to smokers for an unparalleled experience. Cool bongs cater to individuals who appreciate both the aesthetic and functional aspects of smoking, providing a stylish and enjoyable way to smoke. These pieces often serve as conversation starters and collectors' items, reflecting the evolving landscape of smoking culture. We even have some bongs that can be mistaken for a piece of art. 

Different type of Cool bongs

Cool bongs come in various styles, shapes and sizes, it all depends on your personal preference. The percolator bong has advanced filtration with various perc options, ensuring a smooth inhale. Zong bongs feature a distinctive zig-zag neck for both visual appeal and enhanced smoking experience. Ice bongs, equipped with ice catchers, deliver cooler hits for a more enjoyable experience. No matter what your preference is on design, color or aesthetic, we have got you covered. Let’s go into more detail about all the different types of cool bongs we carry. 

Percolator bong

The key feature of a percolator bong, also known as a "perc bong", is its water filtration system, which helps to cool and filter the smoke before it reaches your lungs. This results in a smoother and less harsh rip from the bong. 

The percolator inside the bong is best known for breaking down the smoke into finer bubbles as it passes through the water. This process increases the surface area of the smoke that comes into contact with the water, enhancing filtration and cooling.

Percolator bongs are popular among smokers who seek a more refined and enjoyable smoking experience. They come in a wide range of styles, sizes, and materials, offering users both functional benefits and aesthetic appeal.

Zong Bong

The Zong bong is best known for its unique, "Z" shape of the neck, which not only lends it a distinctive appearance but also enhances the functionality for some smokers. 

This unconventional design serves a dual purpose: it adds an artistic vibe to the bong while simultaneously creating more twists and turns for the smoke to navigate. Some smokers will say they get higher when using zongs because it takes longer for the smoker to travel up and when you clear the bowl, it’s a bigger rip. The Z shape in the neck also helps with holding the bong, it allows for a firm grip to ensure no drops. 

Ice Bong

An ice bong is of a special type, designed to enhance the smoking experience by incorporating ice into the neck of your bong, which is also known as the Ice Catcher. To see if a bong has an ice catcher, the bottom part of the neck will usually have knockers there to stop the ice from going into the base of the bong. This feature allows users to place ice cubes directly into the bong, where they cool the smoke as it passes through on its way to the mouthpiece. The result is a significantly cooler and smoother hit, reducing the harshness often associated with inhaling uncooled smoke.

Ice bongs are favored by those who appreciate a more comfortable and enjoyable smoking session, particularly in warmer climates, or for individuals who prefer a milder cooling rip. 

Pink Bongs

A pink bong is usually a stylish and aesthetically pleasing glass item that stands out for its color and design. Typically crafted from materials like glass or silicone, pink bongs come in various shades and designs. These bongs are perfect for anyone looking to have something aesthetically pleasing in their living space. Bongs have naturally been dominated by male influence so the amount of cute pink bongs were limited at one point. But at Stoned Genie we carry a large selection of pink girly bongs. The popularity of pink bongs has been on the rise as it  highlights the creativity and diversity within the cannabis community. 

Beaker Bong

A beaker bong is a classic and widely recognized shaped water pipe used for smoking cannabis or tobacco. Its design resembles that of a laboratory beaker, featuring a wide, triangular base that provides stability and a conical or cylindrical neck that leads to the mouthpiece.

The beaker-shaped bottom allows for a lot of water to be held at the base. This allows for good bubbling and soothing filteration. Beaker bongs are popular among smokers for their stability, ease of use, and the smooth, filtered hits they provide. They often come in various materials, including borosilicate glass and acrylic, and may feature additional elements such as percolators or ice catchers.. The beaker bong remains a go-to choice for both new and experienced smokers due to its classic design and reliable performance.

FAQs about Cool bongs

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1) How do I clean my cool bong?

Cleaning methods depend on the material. For glass bongs, typically a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and salt is effective. Silicone bongs are often dishwasher-safe. Regular cleaning is essential to maintain a clean bong. 

2) Can I add flavored water or liquids to my bong for a different experience?

It's not recommended to add flavored liquids as they can leave residues and may be harmful when heated. Stick to regular water for optimal performance.

3) Can I travel with a cool bong?

It depends on the material. Glass bongs can be fragile and may break during travel, while silicone or acrylic bongs are more durable and travel-friendly. 

4) Where is the best place to buy Cool Bongs? 

Here at Stoned Genie, we have hand selected and curated an amazing collection of cool unique bongs. We are able to cater to all different price points and user preferences. We encourage you to check out our entire collection to see all the amazing glass bongs we are able to provide our customers.