6” Stoned Genie Beaker Base Bong w/ Carb Hole

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  • 6 inches
  • Made of Glass
  • Beaker base 
  • Carb hole in the back
  • Also available in both blue and pink frosted glass!

Are you looking for an awesome and inexpensive way to kick your smoking collection up a notch? Have you been searching forever the perfect basic bong? Well you’re in luck!

Presenting to you our spectacular 6 inch strong glass beaker base bong! 

With a carb hole in the back and a stunning smoking bowl, this bong is sure to give all its users a wonderfully awesome smoking sesh every single time.

Whether you’re buying as a gift or a personal item, this beautiful strong glass beaker base bong is a perfect basic addition to any and all smokers’ collections.

Decided that clear isn’t the right style for you? Check out the same bong in both pink and blue frosted glass only here on StonedGenie.com!

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