Bongs Under $50 Bucks

Cheap Bongs

Many people have started to look for cheap bongs as an alternative to traditional heady glass. We have created an assortment of beaker bongs, mini bongs, shower bend bongs, pink bongs, plus much more at an unbeatable price.

Is buying a Cheap Bong safe?

Yes, buying from a credible company like Stoned Genie is perfectly fine. We work directly with manufacturers to be able to give you a quality water bong at unbeatable prices. When you purchase from us, you are saving money because the same products in a local smoke shop would be double the price.

What is the difference between Cheap & Expensive Bongs?

Expensive bongs are in most cases custom pieces that are made by independent glass blowers. The time it takes to make a custom glass bong is usually 1-2 months depending on the artist and their schedule. Cheap bongs are more accessible because they are not made to order. We have figured out designs and colors that are very popular on the market and keep them in stock for all our customers. If you are someone who likes something functional and not looking for something too fancy, cheap glass bongs are perfect for you.

Things to consider when purchasing a cheap bong

When looking to purchase a cheap bong you want something that is made of borosilicate glass. Having a borosilicate glass bong versus a plastic, or bamboo bong is something you will appreciate in the long run. It's much easier to clean a glass bong and it won’t have any lasting smell. Plastic and bamboo bongs are known to smell after a few months of use. You also want to consider a bong with an ice catcher. Stoned Genie has all these options available for you. We believe that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get all the essential features you need in a cheap water pipe. Whether you are a man or woman, we definitely have a bong that will fit your taste.


Where to buy a cheap bong online?

When buying a cheap bong you want to buy from an online store like Stoned Genie. We have built a brand on providing amazing products at affordable prices. If you want something that is the cutest bong in your collection but don’t want to spend a lot of money, we have got options for you.

How much is a cheap bong?

We have a wide range of prices. If you are looking for something under $10, we have a few options available. Majority of our options are available between $15-$25.

How do we ship your cheap bong?

We ship everything fully discrete w/ bubble wrap and other shipping protection. No mention of smoking or Stoned Genie anywhere on the box.

Can I buy Cheap Bongs Wholesale?

We have the best wholesale pricing available on the market for cheap affordable bongs. You can stock up your smoke shop, liquor store, or dispensary with quality affordable glass pieces. If interested, please fill out our wholesale application.