Ice Bong

Ice Bong

What does an Ice Bong Do? 

The correct terminology is “Ice catcher.” The glass notches in the neck of the bong allows for ice cubes to be put at the top of the lip. It’s refreshing, cooling, and smooth. It’s main purpose is to cool down the smoke while you are ripping your favorite bong. We recommend getting bongs with an ice catcher if you are someone who coughs a lot, you will thank us later. 

Things to Consider When Buying an Ice Bong? 

We have a wide variety of different ice bongs. Some of the most popular options are beaker based ice bongs. They have a large base to fill up with water and one simple ice catcher. Keep it simple and effective. Another popular option is an ice bong with percolators. These come in a variety of options… single, double, and even triple! We will admit these are harder to maintain vs a simpler bong. These will require more cleaning and maintenance due to the percolators. 

Safe ways to use an Ice Bong? 

Using an ice bong is very safe. Just make sure you are using filtered water for your ice cubes and changing out the water daily. You don’t want to leave water in the bong for more than one night because it will start to smell and get moldy. This will allow you to keep your bongs for a longer period of time and more enjoyable since it will be easier to clean. 

How is my Ice Bong Shipped? 

We ship all orders discreetly. What does that mean? It means there are no stickers on the outside of the box that gives people any clues of what is inside. There will be no labels or the word Stoned Genie anywhere on the front of the box. Just your shipping label and fragile stickers. We understand that discreteness is needed and take it very seriously. We also use a ton of safe packaging material to ensure the glass water pipe makes it to its destination. 

Can I Buy Ice Bongs Wholesale? 

Do you own a smoke shop and are looking to add some cool glass to your shop? We have got your back, please fill out our application form here.