Ice Bong

Glass Ice Bong is outfitted with an ice holder over the fundamental water chamber, it implies that you can utilize some ice 3D shapes to cool the smoke. Water bong is produced using clear glass with a brilliant hashish leaf on the mouth tube. One-piece glass on glass bowl with slider is remembered for the cost. Some water line and bong plans remember indents for one or the other side of the neck, generally halfway up the neck or close to the base. The motivation behind these indents is to go about as an ice catcher, or ice squeeze. These indents are a vital component of the bong plan for imbibers who favor ultra-cooled hits from their water pipes.

Chilling puffs of smoke presented by these ice bongs could be more reasonable than hot ones. Other than that, ice bongs give tremendous security from inordinate intensity too. The temperature distinction causes way less bothering which makes it a go-to.