Understanding Bubbler Pipes and Their Use in Smoking

Bubblers, bongs, and pipes give marijuana users a plethora of options for experimenting with new methods of ingestion. But today, we are shedding more light on bubblers. So, to learn a few things about bubblers, (please) read on.

Bubblers, like bongs, feature a mouthpiece, bowl, stem, and water chamber. They are, however, more like pipes. They have a carb and a fixed, non-removable mouthpiece. In essence, these are compact, portable bongs. They may not be as exciting to smoke as bongs, but if you're looking for a small pipe that can be filtered with water, you've found a winner.

How do you know the kind of bubbler you should have?

There are six primary models of bubblers. Each model has its own set of benefits, and you'll probably find yourself rotating between them to find the best fit. In order not to get lost, read and research the following variations:

  • Pendant: This variety is smaller than the others. It has a little hole/ring that may be used to link it to a chain.

Hammer: As the name implies, it resembles a hammer. Its stable construction enables it to sit on a level surface and not roll about.

  • Double bubblers: These percolators have two chambers rather than one. It is also known as a dual percolator because it filters the smoke twice, resulting in a taste hit that is extra-clean and cold.
  • Sherlock: This appears to be a tobacco pipe used by the renowned Sherlock Holmes. It has the appearance of a hammer bubbler, but it is curled into an "S" form.
  • Concentrate: Designed to be smoked with concentrates and oils rather than flowers. It functions similarly to a dab rig but is more compact.
  • Sidecar: This model has a stem and mouthpiece that attach to the water chamber's side. Water splash-back is an issue that this product was created to tackle.

What are some of the benefits of owning a bubbler?

Check out our assortment of bubblers if you're looking for a piece that's both high-quality and portable.

We can't forget about the mobility of hand pipes and bongs' water filtering capabilities. According to many experienced stoners, these pipes are a solid blend between a water pipe and a glass pipe.

For every smoker, this multipurpose pipe is a must-have. Although adding water to your bubbler for a pure hit is recommended, you don't need water to use the bubbler pipe, especially if you're on the go.

Our bubblers are simple to use, have exceptional durability, and are very portable. And, they may be used with or without water.

If you're looking for the perfect bubbler, we offer a wide range of popular options to fit your smoking preferences. It's time you took one of our numerous options home with you or carried it about with you.

Bubblers: How Much Do They Cost?

Our costs vary based on a variety of factors, including the kind of product you're searching for. We have numerous pricing ranges, and the key deciding variables include, but are not limited to: 

  • Manufacturing method: we can all agree that anything handcrafted is going to be more expensive than something mass-produced.
  • The material: our bubblers are made of glass, and glass bubblers are frequently more expensive than less durable bubblers.
  • Color, size, and style: This should go without saying. The more colorful a model is, the pricier it becomes. The price is also influenced by the size and design of the item. In other words, the more details there are, the greater the price tag.
  • Features: Our premium models will be much more expensive.