Bubblers for Weed

Bubblers have evolved over the years to a popular option amongst many cannabis enthusiasts. All bubblers have a chamber with a stem professionally infused inside. This allows you to add very little water into the chamber and create a bubbling effect that cools down the harshness of your rip. If you are someone who thinks regular glass pipes are too harsh to use, you will love bubblers. 

What is the difference between a bong and a bubbler? 

Bongs are commonly known for their big cylinder base and the amount of water held. Bubblers are handheld devices with a carburetor hole on the side. If you are looking for something small discreet but still uses water to help filter each rip, bubblers are a perfect solution for you. Bongs usually have multiple parts like the down stem and bowl piece. Bubblers in most cases are all one piece. Which allows for an easier cleaning process and less chances on breaking any required attachments. 

Different types of Bubblers

Sherlock Bubblers

Sherlock Bubblers get their name due to their shape. It mimics Sherlock Holmes smoking pipes with the up and arched mouth piece. This design is made to keep your face a safe distance away from the bowl so you don’t burn off your eyebrows. This design is the most popular amongst our customers. 

Hammer Bubblers

Another popular design is hammer bubblers. When placed on a table it looks like a hammer tool, which is where it gets its unique name. We offer a wide range of different colors and options. We recommend our 7” Green/White Hammer Bubbler if you are looking for something reliable and easy to use. 

Glow in the Dark Bubbler

Yup, you guessed it. We were able to create a bubbler that glows in the dark and can light up any party. If you are a fan of smoking in the dark, this is the perfect weed bubbler for you. Keep the bubbler in direct sunlight for optimal glow. 

Pocket Bubbler

Small, discreet and that doesn’t require a lot of water, the Pocket Bubbler. Our Mini Pink Bubbler is our best selling pocket bubbler on our website. The same design comes in Purple, Green Blue, and Amber. Made of high quality borosilicate colored glass, these beautiful pocket bubblers will never lose their color. You can clean it to look brand new at any time. 

Double Chamber Bubbler

These bubblers have two chambers that get filled up with water. Hence, the name double chamber bubblers. These allow for more water and double filtration with a built in carb hole on the side. Heavy duty and still hand held, truly an amazing glass piece. We recommend you try these if you haven’t already. 


How to use a weed bubbler? 

You first need to add water to the chamber. Most bubblers have holes at the mouth piece and carburetor. Tilt the bubbler over slightly and pour your water in from one of those holes. After, take a couple test drags and test out your water level. After, grind your favorite herbs with a grinder. Pack it into the bowl of the bubbler. Spark your bowl with a lighter and voila! You are ready to use your weed bubbler. 

How much water do I put in my bubbler pipe? 

It’s important you don’t have too much, otherwise it can kick up through the chamber and get your weed wet, which is something you do not want. Make sure when you are taking some test drags you see the water level, If the water is not kicking back into the bowl, you are at the perfect level. 

How do I clean my bubbler? 

You should get some glass pipe cleaning straws, these help scrape up the bowl and clean the stem into the chamber. Soak your bubbler in 90% rubbing alcohol and add some salt, shake it up in a bag. Rinse and repeat. This is the most ideal way to clean your bubbler and make sure you don’t have too much resin build up.