Spoon Pipe

Spoon Pipe

Spoon pipes are a popular design in the glass pipe category. Typical spoon pipe is flat laid glass pipe with a mouth piece, bowl piece, and carb hole on the side. When laying down it mimics a “spoon.” In most cases this classic spoon weed pipe design is most preferred among smokers. The bowl is a safe distance away from your face and usually can pack a fat bowl.

How do you use a spoon pipe?

Using a spoon pipe is very simple, you need to make sure you have yourself a good grinder and a lighter. First, you need to take your material and grind it up in the grinder. Once that is done, load up the bowl of your spoon pipe. Now, you safely light up your bowl and enjoy.

Can Spoon Pipes be used for Weed?

In most smoke shops you will see that everything is for tobacco use only. But yes, you can also use the glass spoon pipes for weed as well. So if you are someone in the market for a spoon pipe, we recommend checking out our mini 3” Rasta Mini Pipe. It’s small, sleek, and will be your next favorite pipe.

How do I clean my cool spoon pipe?

Cleaning your spoon pipe is very easy. Especially if you got a small glass spoon pipe, all you need is 90% proof alcohol, salt, and some cleaning brushes and you can get that pipe looking brand spanking new!

Where can I buy Spoon pipes in bulk?

We have wholesale pricing to any authorized retailer. All you have to do is fill out our application here. If you are just looking for some bulk pipes, we have some options available for you too.