Girly Bongs

Numerous ladies believe their bongs should mirror their style and character. Instead of the fundamental or in-your-face plans, their male partners might like, they need something adorable, humble, and stylish. Whether you need a cutting-edge pop of variety or a mind-boggling plan, we have a silly bong or perc for you.

We have an enormous assortment of every single Pink Bong if you have any desire to shop by careful variety. We have our pink love bong, which is made of beautiful pink glass, it can almost be mistaken for an art piece.

On the other hand, if you want something small and discreet you can seek out our 5” pink mini bong or 7” Pink Twisted Bong . In the event that you lean toward purple bongs, we also have a 9.5” Lavender Bong that will make all your friends jealous!

Our humble bongs are ideal for mom's day or as a gift for your better half. These ladylike lines likewise incorporate an enormous grouping of mathematical shapes and turned glass that is rainbow-shaded for an upgraded look and feel.

For women who need a chic bong that is not pink or purple, we have a scope of seethed glass items. These change variety the more you use them, meaning your smoking experience looks a little changed each time despite the fact that you actually get a cool, smooth hit. We have the best selection of girly bongs for any person looking to upgrade their glass collection!

Look no farther than our determination while you're buying your next bong for your own utilization or a lady in your life. We have numerous choices to browse at an affordable price.