Zong Bongs

If you're new to the world of zongs and are looking for a zong to call your own, our headshop has a plethora of alternatives. Our zongs are designed to provide the finest experience. With that in mind, today we decide to offer sixth sense to ardent smokers who are looking for a sophisticated but useful smoking tool. 

When it comes to really unique zongs that stand out from the crowd, our zigzag zongs are unmatched.

People who smoke and people who don't smoke agree that the zongs with zigzag-shaped neck are the coolest and most interesting. Come to think of it, the majority of our local smokers find zig-zag zongs aesthetically pleasing.

From our online shop, you can tell that our zongs look good. But that’s not all, they are also well-designed to keep water from flowing up from the tool base to the users' lips. By prolonging the journey from the herb to the zong, zig-zag shape also provides very smooth hits in comparison to many heady glass options with straighter designs. Additionally, their zig-zag neck design serves as an excellent handhold for ease of use. 

Three Ways to Keep Your Zongs from Breaking

As we all know, stoners like their favorite zongs and are certain they would go to any length to keep them safe. To guarantee that you continue to enjoy the rush of memories that comes with each dose, here are three methods to safeguard your zongs.

  • Constant Cleaning - Believe it or not, cleaning your water pipes on a regular basis is critical for more reasons than basic cleanliness and convenience of usage. When was the last time you put off cleaning a water pipe until it became filthy?

Needless to say, removing months' worth of residue requires far more elbow grease than removing build-up after a week or two of usage. To avoid having to do a lot of cleaning and risking damage to your zongs, clean them on a regular basis. At the end of the day, maintaining sensitive handling for fast and easy cleaning is considerably simpler. This is the best way to keep the zongs looking clean and new, just like they did when you bought them.

  • Always Dump the Dirty-We are regarded as one of the greatest online smoking shops due to our commitment to informing and educating our customers. For instance, each zong has an exact indication of the water level. We constantly urge our smokers to keep an eye on the water level. 

Secondly, after smoking, drain the water. If a zong loaded with water is left in a room with shifting temperatures, the bulk of the water may expand, putting undue strain on your glass and maybe even creating fractures.

  • Carry It Cautiously: While some zong users never carry their pieces beyond their front door, others enjoy bringing them to smoking sessions at friends' houses or in the great outdoors. While there is no shame in sticking to your favorite zongs, care is required since water pipes may easily be damaged or destroyed during travel.
  • Invest in a high-quality case that will keep your item safe and keep it from breaking even with the smallest bump. If you want to sometimes put your water pipe in your go-to bag, wrapping it well in a towel, thick clothes, or even bubble wrap will keep it securely stored with your other belongings.

Well, there you have it. Clearly, selecting the optimal tool for you may require some trial and error. We however do our best to ensure you have all the relevant information to ease the shopping pressure. Stoned Genie is delighted to provide a variety of unique, high-quality zongs, bubblers, and pipes for all your smoking requirements.