Heart Bongs

Heart Bongs

Our heart bong collection has some of the most artistic heart shaped glass. It’s the perfect gift for valentines day or even a birthday. Our handmade heart shaped bongs are high quality and aesthetically pleasing. 

Different type of Heart Bongs

Pink Heart Shaped Bong

If you are a sucker for cute bongs, you are going to love the 9” Pink Heart Shaped Bong. It has a matching pink 14mm heart bowl piece. Both the bong and bowl piece are handmade and made with high quality pink borosilicate glass. This bong is highly recommended due to it’s beautiful craftsmanship and functionality. For amazing functionality it has a diffused down stem inside and a skinny neck that serves as a splash guard. 

Pink Beaker Heart Bong

Our 8” Heart Beaker Bong is the newest edition to our collection. It has a pink middle accent and heart diffused percolator at the center of the bong. In addition, it comes with a heart bowl that is easy to pack and clean. The classic beaker design makes it a perfect bong for anyone cute beaker bong. 

Pink Valentines Day Combo

If you are looking to score big during Valentines day, we have curated the perfect combo for your significant other. This valentines day combo includes a Pink Heart Bong, Pink Elephant Pipe, Pink Zig Zag Pipe, and two packs of Pink Cones Papers. This combo gives your significant other a variety of new smoking tools and some awesome pink cones for any special occasion. 

Pink Heart Dab Rig

We took our best seller and made it a dab rig. The pink heart dab rig comes with a heart bowl and 45° quartz banger. This allows you the ability to switch between concentrates and flowers. The bong comes with a flat disk surface to ensure safety when using. 

Why are Heart Bongs so popular? 

Bongs have come a long way since making them out of old water bottles. Now you have the options for cute pink heart shaped bongs available at your fingertips. The heart bong is very popular due to its aesthetic appeal, it can almost be mistaken for a glass art piece in your home. In addition to its cute design, the pink colored glass just elevates its overall appearance. Make sure to keep it clean because your friends will definitely want to try it out when they see it.