Heart Bongs

Welcome to our amazing pink heart bong collection. Not only do we have the perfect collection, you won't believe the affordable price!

Our heart bongs are not only a smoking accessory, but they also make a great decoration piece for your home. 

Did you catch that it also has a matching bowl piece? You can always roll in style with your matching set. 

We also offer an amazing Pink Valentines Combo set where you can get all things pink! It includes a water pipe, elephant pipe, and some pink cones! Everything you need to be smoking in style.

In addition, we decided to turn the Heart bong into a dab rig as well. To get the best smoking experience you need to switch to a 45 degree banger rather than a 90 degree one. 

This is due to the angle of the joint of the heart shaped bong. With this 45 degree angle you will be able to enjoy your favorite concentrates safely and not sacrifice any functionality. 

Our newest member of the family is the beaker heart shaped bong. It stands 8 inches tall with a wide base.

In addition, it has a heart percolator and match bowl piece! This bong will steal your heart due to its simplistic design and elegant features.

At our online store, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality heart bongs and dab rigs that are built to last. We only source our products from trusted manufacturers who use high-quality borosilicate glass. 

In conclusion, we have an amazing heart bong collection that can steal anyone's heart.