Purple Bong

Purple Bongs

 Are you looking for the best selection of purple bongs, purple dab rigs, plus other purple smoking accessories?! Stoned Genie has handpicked the perfect collection for you. For everyone that needs a purple bong in their life, you have found the right place. 

What is the most popular Purple Bong? 

Two of our top purple bongs that we recommend are our SG Lavender Bong & Milky Purple Single Percolator Bong. Both these bongs are popular for different reasons. 

SG Lavender Bong

This is one of our household favorites, a classic purple beaker bong. It’s crafted with beauty in mind. The bong is blown with lavender/purple glass tubing. The purple color is in the glass and will ensure that no discoloration ever happens when cleaning or rinsing out the bong. Its vibrant color will have all your friends asking, where did you get that beauty?! 

Milky Purple Single Percolator

Most customers cannot believe that this bong is available for under $20. Its beautiful classic design is everything you need in a bong. It has single percolator filtration and also an ice catcher to add additional cooling. For under $20 bucks, you won’t find a better deal anywhere else. 

Purple Mini Bong

Are you looking for a purple glass bong that won’t take up too much space? Our purple mini bong is the perfect solution! It’s a mini bong that has a carburetor in the back and is only 5 inches tall. Perfect to store away in a cabinet and not take up too much room. 
Not looking for a bong? We also have some beautiful art crafted purple glass pipes. Made of complete purple tubing to ensure that rich color. 
If purple isn’t your color, make sure to check out our pink bongs section.
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