The Best Lighters From Stoned Genie

A lighter is one thing that you will need for recreation, a backpack trip, cooking, and even for home improvement. A lighter will offer so much flexibility irrespective of your needs. Although a lighter can come in handy when lighting up your pipe or smoking your cigar, it can also be essential gear for your upcoming camping or backpacking trip. A lighter is a great tool that you should always have in your car or pockets. Lighters can also be used to light candles around the house or during birthday parties. 

Lighters That Work for You

All lighters from Stoned Genie are designed and manufactured with the consumers in mind. We combine design and modern shape with pioneering lighting technology. Our lighters have a modern slim design and distinctive shape that makes it fit in your hands perfectly. All our lighters are designed to be comfortable, intuitive, and feel very easy to use. 

Choose Electric or Sparkwheel Lighters

At Stoned Genie, we offer a variety of portable devices that are used for creating a flame. Our lighter can be used for lighting different materials like candles, cigarettes, fireworks, and gas stoves. Most of our models are manufactured from either metal or plastic. Our lighters use a sparkwheel for igniting the flame or are powered by electricity that uses a click mechanism. 

Powerful Flame

You are assured of long-lasting use and resistance to deformation when you choose lighters from Stoned Genie. We ensure that the nozzle cools faster owing to an increased design of the cooling hole. Our lighters have an ultra-powerful blue flame that comes in different settings depending on intensity. With the turbo jet flame and windproof design, our lighters can be used perfectly in windy conditions with hot and effective flames. 

Multipurpose Lighter

At Stoned Genie, our lighters are fully automatic and can easily light up without any hurdles. This makes them perfect as camping lighters, candle lighters, and bbq grill lighters. They are also ideal as fireworks lighters, camping lighters, and great for both outdoor and indoor use. You are assured of a strong flame that will provide the necessary lighting irrespective of the use. 

Service Guarantee

Our lighters have been well examined, tested, and packaged before they leave the manufacturing site. Our lighters are designed with multiple layers for safety protection and undergo numerous quality inspections. You can be confident that your lighters purchase will be guaranteed. 

Exquisite Gift

Our lighters are made of superior quality materials that come in different colors. Our lighters have comfortable texture and stylish body design. This makes them the perfect gift for your loved ones and friends. Our lighters make the perfect gift as birthday present or on Father's day, Valentine's Day, or Thanksgiving.

Lighters are a must-have tool that come in handy when lighting indoors or outdoors. Our lighters are a perfect upgrade from the cheap and multicolored gas station lighters that many people stash in their junk drawers. Our range of lighters are durable and can work in a range of conditions. Check out the variety of lighters that Stoned Genie has to offer.