Pink Bong

Pink Smoking products that it won't ever become unpopular, and that's true, particularly in the cannabis community. Albeit numerous customary people consider pink bongs a "young lady's tone," what they can be sure of is that up until the 1940s, pink was viewed as a manly variety and frequently connected with young men! In any case, around here at Stoned Genie, we trust everybody, paying little mind to orientation, age, or whatever else, is welcome to the delights of pink. We offer numerous pink products at an unbeatable price.

Stylish ladylike energy, these deal with the perfect proportion of color and run of the ideal pink tone for you. Weather you interested in pink dab rig, pink beaker bong, pink mini bong, or even pink joint papers, we have pink options available for everyone.

If pink isn't your favorite color, check out our Purple Bongs section.