Glass Pipes

Glass Pipes

Glass pipes have been a staple in the cannabis community for decades. There are artifacts that show our great ancestors used to make long wooden and bamboo smoking pipes. The selection of glass pipes now are endless, we have large big weed pipes to a small pipe that can fit in your pocket. No matter what size you decide to get, we can always ensure quality. You will never be disappointed when you purchase with us, we make sure you are able to find a cheap glass pipe at an affordable price. 

Different types of glass pipes 

Sherlock Glass Pipes

The Sherlock glass pipe is a very popular design. It’s not to be mistaken with the popular Gandalf pipe. Sherlock Pipe has more of a snake head mouth piece designed to keep your face a safe distance away from the bowl piece. Comes with a carb hole on the side of the pipe for when you are ready to clean the chamber. 

Small Glass Pipe

Small glass pipe is perfect for traveling or for smoking on the go. Fits perfectly in any bag or pocket and can be used very discreetly. You are usually able to pack a bowl equivalent to a one hitter pipe.

Heavy Pipe w/ Big Bowl

If you are looking for something heavy and sturdy, you should check out our devil horns hand pipe. Not only is it esthetically pleasing, it has a huge weed bowl. You are able to pack it up for a session that is going to be passed around for a few rotations. If you keep your pipe clean, this heavy glass pipe should be able to last you years. 

Difference between glass pipe vs bubbler

The main difference between the two is that a glass pipe does not require any water to be used. Bubblers need a little bit of water to use it correctly. So glass pipes are easier if you don’t want to use water which is easier when you are traveling. In addition, since glass pipes don’t use any water some smokers find it more harsh than a bubbler due to no water filtration. But if you are someone who doesn’t like anything fancy and wants something that won’t make a mess, we recommend you get yourself a cool weed pipe. 

How to clean my glass pipe? 

We recommend using 90% proof rubbing alcohol and salt. We also have these amazing cleaning brushes that help clean the inside of the pipe to ensure all the resin has been removed. If you are looking for a cleaning solution, we also have 420 solution available for sale. Its a strong cleaning mixture that helps get your glass pipe looking brand new. 

How is my glass pipe shipped? 

We ship your glass pipe safely and discreetly. We wrap it up in bubble wrapping and saran wrap it to ensure no movement when it’s in the shipping route. Outside the package is just a plain brown box with the shipping label and fragile sticker. We want to make sure your glass pipe is made safely to the destination so it’s ready to be used the day it lands on your doorstep. 

Where can I buy glass pipes in bulk? 

We do have some bulk pipes available on our website. These bundles are offered only to our customer because we want you to be able to take advantage of purchasing these pipes in bulk. If you are a licensed reseller, we can offer you exclusive wholesale pricing, please fill out our application here