Bongs - Shop Cool Unique Bongs Under $100 Bucks

Welcome to our collection of cool and unique bongs under $100. Whether you are looking for a mushroom bong, a mini water pipe, a double percolator bong or something with an ice catcher, we have got you covered. Our selection of purple bongs will not only add an eye-catching element to your home decor but also provide an enjoyable smoking experience.

The majority of the product range features modern designs and Percolator Bongs - these double filtration devices help create smoother smoke and are designed to form tiny bubbles that increase the cooling effect of the smoke. With our selection, you can find a wide range of models from small pocket-sized versions up to larger ones made from high-quality glass materials that offer extreme durability and heat resistance.

If you’re looking for something special then why not try out one of our unique mushroom bongs? These cute little pieces come in different color combinations with vivid accents—perfect for those who are after something that stands out from the crowd. They feature intricate designs which look great while still being compact enough to fit on any surface.

We also offer mini water pipes that are perfect if you’re after something discreet yet stylish. These tiny devices come in various shapes and sizes so there should be something for everyone – plus they’re super easy to store away when not in use!

We know how important it is for smokers to find the right piece at the right price so all our products are priced reasonably but still deliver incredible performance – helping you get maximum enjoyment out of every session! With such a huge variety on offer, you won’t need to break the bank in order to find your perfect match here at this collection!