14mm Male Quartz banger - 45° Joint Bend

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  • 14mm male quartz banger with 45° joint bend 
  • 4mm Glass Thickness 
  • 1 Banger per order 

Are you looking for replacement quartz banger for your dab rig? Maybe you want to convert a current bong into a rig? Well we have the sizes available for you. 

This premium banger is 100% quartz and ready to withstand the heat from your torch. It's built for durability and a smoothness to increase your dabbing experience. 

This banger is 14mm male quartz banger with 45° bend. This banger is made to turn a beaker bong or straight shooter into a dab rig. Opposed to the 90° joint bend this allows you to have the perfect angle to use your torch and dab tool safely. We've included a picture of it fitting our 10" Beaker bong to show the need for the 45° bend to convert that particular bong into a dab rig. 

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