Welcome to the world of DIY joint rolling, where we're about to embark on a journey that ditches the conventional filters and takes a hands-on approach. Rolling a joint without a filter is an art form that enthusiasts and newcomers alike can appreciate. Whether you're out of filters or just prefer a classic touch, this guide will show you the step-by-step process of artistically rolling the perfect joint without a filter. So, grab your favorite rolling paper, herb, and let's make you a rolling master. 

What is a filter?

Filter tip for a joint. Helps keep any unwanted flower getting sucked into your mouth.

A joint filter, often referred to as a "tip" or "roach," is a small but critical component in the world of joint smoking. Typically made of paper or cardboard, the filter is inserted into one end of a joint, serving multiple purposes. Primarily, it acts as a barrier between the smoker's lips and the burning end of the joint, preventing burnt material from being inhaled. Beyond its protective function, a joint filter also provides structural support to the joint's mouthpiece. Allowing the joint to keep open airflow and not letting the rolling paper to stick together. In addition, preventing burnt fingers and allowing users to fully enjoy their smoking experience. While some prefer the classic touch of rolling a joint without a filter, these small additions have become integral to the joint-rolling culture, offering a balance of practicality and smoking comfort.

Do you need a filter to roll a joint? 

The question of whether you need a filter to roll a joint ultimately depends on personal preference and smoking style. Filters, also known as tips, offer practical benefits such as protecting your lips from burns, providing structural support to the joint, and facilitating a more comfortable grip as it burns down. However, there are times where we can run out of supplies, so this begs the question. How good of a joint can we roll without a filter? We are going to help you out! A lot of old school joint/spliff smokers will tell you a joint filter is nonsense, you can roll the perfect doobie with just some good rolling papers and herb. 

 It's a matter of individual choice and the kind of smoking experience you seek. Experimenting with both filtered and filter-free joints can help you discover which method aligns best with your preferences and smoking rituals.

Steps to Roll a Joint without a filter

We are about to walk through the step by step process of rolling the perfect joint without a filter. Just follow each step and you should be good to go! 

Step 1: Grind your Weed

Step 1: Begin by grinding your weed to achieve an even and consistent texture. A quality herb grinder can help break down your flowers into soft fluffy pieces, which make it easier to roll. This step is crucial for an even burn and ensures the joint doesn’t canoe. Breaking it up with your fingers will take longer and will not yield the same results. 

Step 2: Load your weed into your papers

Step 2: Once your weed is finely ground, grab a sheet of papers and hold it between your fingers with the adhesive side facing you. Make sure it is not pointing away from you otherwise it won’t seal correctly. Gently distribute your weed evenly along folded paper and make sure to leave some room at the top for the mouthpiece. The amount you use will depend on personal preference, but a general rule is to create an even distribution for a balanced burn. We recommend you take your time during this part of the process to set you up for success when it comes to step 3. 

Step 3: Roll your Joint

*make sure to tuck the bottom paper and roll the top part over it

Step 3: With your ground cannabis evenly loaded onto the rolling paper, it's time to shape and roll your joint. This step is crucial because we want to make sure we ROLL IT don’t FOLD IT, very important to know the difference. 

Start by pinching the paper between your fingertips, closest to the weed. Gently roll the paper back and forth, using your thumbs to guide the paper around the cannabis. As the joint begins to take shape, tuck the side of the paper closest to you under the weed, forming a cylinder. Continue rolling until the adhesive strip is the only part of the paper remaining. Lick the adhesive and complete the rolling motion to seal the joint. Be patient and deliberate in your movements to ensure a tight and well-constructed joint without a filter. Adjustments can be made as needed to achieve the desired shape and density. Pack the bottom part of the joint to ensure no loose pieces fall out. If any pieces fell during the rolling process, it’s a good time to add it here and gently close it up. 

Step 4: Fix the mouthpiece

​​Step 4: After rolling your joint without a filter, attention to the mouthpiece is crucial for a comfortable and enjoyable smoking experience. Check the end of the joint opposite to the sealed side; this will be your mouthpiece. Gently pinch and twist the excess paper at the end to create a small opening. This not only provides a comfortable point to draw from but also prevents bits of loose cannabis from entering your mouth. Adjust the size of the mouthpiece according to your preference, ensuring it's neither too tight nor too loose. In addition, we want to make sure it doesn’t get too moist and seals your joint. So keep these things in mind creating the hole.

Step 5: Time to Light up 

Step 5: Now is the fun part, take your perfectly rolled joint and hold it by the mouthpiece and start to light it up from the other end. Rotate the joint as you light it to ensure an even burn. Take smooth, deliberate draws, allowing the joint to burn evenly. Enjoy the ritual and camaraderie that often accompanies sharing a well-rolled joint without a filter. Embrace the simplicity of this classic smoking method, appreciating the craftsmanship that went into creating your personalized, filter-free smoking experience.


In conclusion, it is possible to roll a joint the classic way without a filter. Do filters make things easier, I would say yes but don't make it impossible. Now you have a step by step guide to follow in case you ever find yourself in this situation. 

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