Since the existence of cannabis there has been an evolution in culture surrounding this magical plant. The biggest evolution has been the THC concentration that has taken place from back in the 60’s and 70’s compared to present day. Today, you can find highly concentrated THC that is made into wax known as a dab. As most of you have seen or heard that taking a dab requires extra accessories not normally needed. One of the main accessories needed to take a dab is needing a dab torch. So it is not an uncommon question to ask, how do I heat a dab rig without a torch? In this guide we will walk through the alternative methods that can be used to accomplish this task. 

Why do dab rigs need a torch?

Dab rigs require a torch primarily for one critical reason: they rely on extreme heat to vaporize cannabis concentrates effectively. Unlike traditional smoking such as ripping a bong or rolling a joint, dabbing involves heating a quartz banger to a high temperature, typically between 350°C to 500°C (662°F to 932°F), in order to instantly vaporize the wax into smoke. A dab torch from Stoned Genie solves this easily. It allows you to achieve the high temperature in your banger in less than a minute. Any alternative method of trying to heat a banger with a fire or stove top would be too dangerous and easily hurt or burn yourself. The dab torch has safety locks and flame adjustable knobs to ensure you can stay in control and no accidents occur.


Electric Dab Rig made for concentrates

Use an Enail for Your Dab Rig

If you are scared of the large flame from the torch, getting an enail might be your best option. This is an electric nail that will heat up to the ideal temperature and you insert your concentrate and can take a dab. The only drawbacks of enails is they are very costly, most can cost you between $200 - $500 dollars. So if you are someone who doesn’t want to invest too much money into an enail, this might not be the option for you. But it is a safe alternative to use a dab rig without a torch. 

Alternatives to heating for heating a dab rig

The alternatives to heating a dab rig are not the easiest way but it can be done. Both are considered old school methods: Heating Butter Knifes, Rolling Wax in a Joint, Purchasing a wax pen. 

Hot butter knifes. Old school way to taking concentrated dabs

Heating Knife

There is an old school method that can be done if you don’t have a torch laying around. However, it does not require a dab rig. You take two butter knives and heat up the top ends on the stove until they are bright red. When they are hot, you drop the wax on one of the knives and close it with the other, this will make the wax into smoke and you inhale the smoke that comes from the knives. It’s a very dangerous way to consume and can easily burn yourself. This is why we just recommend investing in a good dab rig. 


Joints that are being rolled with crushed weed. A thin layer of wax was laid out in the middle so that the heat from the cannabis can burn the oil to make this a very strong joint.


Rolling wax in your joint

But let’s just continue to entertain this thought of trying to smoke dabs without a torch. My last recommendation would be to add the wax into a joint. So you may ask yourself, how do I do this? Well, you roll a joint like normal and gently sprinkle the wax in the middle of the flower, see photo below. With the wax in the middle of the grinded cannabis, this allows when the joint is lit to generate enough heat to vaporize the wax in the middle. So you will be able to smoke the wax and lift yourself off into outer space. 

Purchase a wax pen

There are a ton of new gadgets on the market. But one of the most popular are wax pens. They are small and discreet and you can enjoy your favorite concentrates without having to carry your rig and torch. No flame is needed because the electronic pen will heat itself up to the perfect temperature. If you buy something like a puffco, it will tell you when it’s ready for you to add the wax to get the perfect temperature rip! 


In the end, after experimenting with all the different alternatives to heat up a dab rig without a torch, we recommend not cutting any corners and using a dab torch. This allows you to get the ideal temperature within a minute and be able to do it safely. The other alternatives are either unsafe or require not using a dab rig. In order to enjoy your concentration in the most ideal way it requires investing in a dab rig and dab torch. Luckily Stoned Genie has everything you need that doesn’t break the bank. Giving you extra money back in your pocket to enjoy more dabs! Check out our full selection of dab torches here. 

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