How to use a Dab Rig?

If you are a new smoker one can be very intimate with taking a “dab.” Heck, even experienced flower smokers are scared of taking dabs due to their high concentration of THC. So let’s break this down step by step. 

In this article you will learn: 

  1. What is a dab? 
  2. What is a dab rig?
  3. What dab accessories are essential? 
  4. Step by Step Guide to using your Dab Rig Safely? 
  5. What are Dab Pearls? 
  6. Where to purchase your first dab rig

What is a dab? 

A dab is a heavy concentration of cannabinoid oil that is created in high heat to make wax. Dabs cannot be smoked like regular flowers. Regular flowers can be grinded up and enjoyed in either a joint, pipe, or even a bong. A dab is different and the most recommended way to smoke it is with a dab rig. 


Quartz Bangers. We have all sizes, perfect quality and heat resistance to get you started. Look no further turn any bong you have into a dab rig with one of our quartz bangers

What is a dab rig? 

The main difference between a dab rig and a regular bong is the quartz banger (see above). Most regular bongs use a normal glass bowl where you put your grinded herbs and light it to smoke. With a dab rig, the bowl needs to be swapped out with a banger. The banger is made of a different glass called “quartz glass” hence the name quartz banger. Normal glass accessories are made from borosilicate glass. Quartz glass is used because it can withstand a higher temperature of heat. Since dabs require a high temperature to burn in order to be smoked, quartz glass is the safest way to consume. 

Carb Cap & Dab Tools. Two of the most essential dab tools that are needed to enjoy a perfect dabbing experience.

What Dab Accessories are essential?

A few accessories that you will need in order to enjoy dabbing are a dab torch, dab tool and a carb cap. So why are these things necessary? Let’s break it down very simple:

The perfect dab torch. It has an adjustable flame dial in the back and even a lock safety feature.

Dab Torch

This is needed to get your quartz banger hot enough to where the wax can actually melt and you can smoke your concentrates. A normal flame lighter cannot get the banger hot enough. Most dab torches are refillable with butane gas so they are long lasting and only require one time purchase. We have a wide selection of dab torches that can service you. 


Candy Cane Dab Tool. Perfect to scoop up your concentrates and not get your fingers sticky. Perfect for any dabber.

Dab Tool

These are made in either metal or glass and are used to scoop your concentrates. They usually have a scoop or pointed end to poke your wax. Wax is very sticky so you want to make sure you have a dab tool in order to scoop your concentrates and place in your banger when it’s ready to be smoked. 



Bubble Carb Cap. Perfect to top your banger to help clear out your dab rig. Multiple colors available

Carb Cap

The carb cap acts like a carb hole or when you pull out a regular bowl when smoking flower. You cover the wax when it’s burning with the carb cap and inhale. This creates the suction you nee to inhale all the smoke in the chamber. As you inhale you can turn the direction of the carb cab to help ensure you don’t miss out on any leftovers.

Other Accessories

A few other accessories we recommend are a silicone dab mat, q tips for cleaning, and a dab rig stand to keep your area nice and clean.

Silicone dab mat is recommended due to the stickiness of the wax so when you lay down your dab tool, carb cap, or even banger, you lay it on the silicone mat so your counters don’t get sticky. Given it’s silicone, it’s very easy to clean. 

Q-Tips are recommended as well to help keep your quartz bangers clean. They help get in those hard to reach areas. 

Dab Rig Stand is for keeping your area clutter free. If you are someone who misplaces things this is perfect for you. Given the accessory items like dab caps are so small and can be easily misplaced, this will be your best friend so you don’t lose anything. 

Step by Step Guide on How to Use a Dab Rig

Step 1: 

Fill in up your dab rig with the recommended water level where it’s easy to pull and not too much water.  Test out the water level and once it reaches ideal functionality, you are ready. 

Step 2: 

Take your dab tool and scoop your concentrate and keep it ready. Make sure to keep it on a silicone mat 

Step 3: 

Take your dab tool and start to heat up your quartz banger, we recommend trying heating it up in a specific corner of the quartz banger so that you know where to drop your concentrates. 

Step 4: 

Once your quartz banger is at the right temperature, go ahead and drop your wax in the quartz banger and start to draw from your dab rig. Be careful not to touch the banger with your hand. 

Step 5: 

Once the wax starts burning as you are drawing, add your carb cap at the banger and start spinning it. This allows you to get all the wax and not leave any behind. 

Step 6: 

Blow out all the beautiful smoke you just created and lift off! Keep some water by your side if you are someone who coughs. 

Safety tips to keep in mind as you learn how to use a dab rig: 

Always dab on a flat top where you can set anything down safely. Never touch the quartz banger smoking as it will be extremely hot and burn your finger. Always keep your dab torch in safety mode and away from children.  Make sure you don’t drive or operate any heavy machinery after taking any dabs. 


Ruby Terp Balls help keep heat inside the banger. So when you drop your wax into the banger, these pearls will help with the melting process to ensure you get the perfect rip!

What are Dab Pearls? 

The newest craze amongst most concentrate enthusiasts are dab pearls. They are a ruby pearl (picture above) and are most commonly used with terp slurpers which are another attachment that can be used with your rig. The pearls go inside the terp slurper and are used to retain heat when heating up the banger. So when you drop in your concentrate the pearls help melt the wax to the perfect temperature so you don’t kill your lungs. It helps regulate the heat and get the most enjoyable smoke. If you are interested in having an enhanced dabbing experience, we recommend getting the 6mm ruby pearls. 

Where to purchase your first dab rig? 

When purchasing your first dab rig, you want to make sure you don’t overpay for everything. So we recommend not going into a physical smoke shop as they will up charge you on everything you need to get set up. Here at Stoned Genie we have created the perfect options that you will need to get set up at an affordable price. We have all the accessories that would be more than double in the store. We also are here to help you with any questions or concerns. When you purchase from a smoke shop they aren’t able to provide the post purchase customer service like us. 

If you’ve enjoyed our article on how to use a dab rig you might find more interesting and useful posts on our blog. If you think you’re ready to give one a go, you can check out our rigs in our store. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we’ll try our best to help.

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