What's the difference between Sativas and Indicas?

The type of cannabis you smoke will have a substantial impact on your high. It’s important to have a general understanding of this before you grind up some fluffy flower or light your favorite dab rig. After all - if you’re going to smoke, it’s important that you make the most out of it. 

So are you a sativa smoker or an indica toker? 

With the amount of strains that are now available across the country at local dispensaries, it can be overwhelming as you try to narrow down your search for a favorite lineage. However, what’s important to recognize here is that it’s not just the strain that plays a pivotal role in your smoking experience. In addition to strain considerations, it’s also important to make note as to whether the strain is a sativa or indica. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the differences between the two, or maybe you had a high experience that you didn’t enjoy, here is some more insight on the difference between indicas and sativas. 

Stay Up With Sativa

There are plenty of negative misconceptions out there about cannabis users. One of the most common sentiments echoes that smokers are unproductive and lazy. And while cannabis can surely be enjoyed in a relaxing environment, not all strains will give you this lethargic feeling. 

Instead, a strong sativa will give you a euphoric head-high that will come with energy and motivation. A strain like AK47, for example, is a sativa strain that aims to help increase focus and creativity. Some other productive sativa strains include: Jack Herer, Super Sour Diesel, Strawberry Cough, and Tangie. These lineages are perfect for smoking up during the day - leaving you with plenty of gusto to complete whatever is on your To-Do list. 

In-Da-Couch With Indica

As a regular cannabis user, sativas are helpful for getting things done during the day. But when night falls and my favorite shows come on TV, I want to do nothing more than veg out and relax. This is when I bring out my favorite indica strains of flower and concentrates. Strains like Northern Lights, Master Kush, Death Star, and Afghan Kush are all strong indicas. These all offer a “head high” feeling that you can expect will help you settle into a relaxing couchlock. 

Some other benefits of indicas include: 

  • Decreased acute body pain and ailments
  • Increased appetite 
  • Decreased mental fatigue

If you are looking for a mellow experience where you can chill out and relax, consider smoking an indica out of your Stoned Genie bong. 

Get High On Hybrids

Fusing both indicas and sativas are hybrids strains. These strains have select qualities from their sativa and indica mother plants, depending on what the lineage is. Hybrids are great options for cannabis users who are familiar with how the plant alters the body and mind. When you can pinpoint what it is you are needing from marijuana, you can utilize hybrids to experiment with the strains that will assist most. 

Cannabis can be incredibly helpful - but more so when used in the correct way. Knowing more about the type of strains available, as well as how they will affect you, will help you be a responsible cannabis user. Keep this information in mind the next time you’re at the dispensary looking for an indica or sativa marijuana strain. 

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