It's true. There is a right way and a wrong way to go about enjoying marijuana. About 50% of people have tried weed, but how many of us are doing it the right way?

Smoking remains the most popular way to enjoy the effects of the cannabis plant. Yet, it can be hard for newbies to get the hang of it. Certain smoking tips and techniques can also help to enhance your high. 

So, how do you get the best and most effective smoking experience? Here are the most common mistakes people make when learning to smoke bud. 

Not Learning How to Inhale Properly 

Proper inhalation is an important step in learning to smoke weed. Inhaling weed incorrectly may result in you not feeling high the first time you smoke. It also ends up wasting good bud. 

Weed gets you high when its smoke gets into your lungs. This happens as THC absorbs into your bloodstream through the lungs. A proper inhale ensures the weed passes into your lungs so you'll feel instant effects.  

So, what's the right way to smoke? Start by taking a deep drag, pause, then inhale again to get the smoke deep into your lungs. The technique is not like puffing on a cigar, but more like pulling on a cigarette.  

Taking Way Too Many Hits

It's important to note that new smokers have low tolerance levels. This means only a hit or two can get you high, as long as you're inhaling the right way.  

Taking too many hits the first time is another mistake people make when smoking bud for the first time. This can result in you getting too high and not having a good experience. 

It's best to start with a small hit. Then give yourself a few minutes to feel the effects. Smoking while under the influence of alcohol will also alter the effects of weed.  

Using a Smoking Device the Wrong Way

Other tips on smoking weed include using the right smoking device. Certain devices offer different experiences, with some being easier for newbie smokers. You also want to be sure you're using your preferred smoking device the right way. 

Trying Different Smoking Devices 

Joints and blunts are popular in a group setting. Yet, they take some practice to learn how to roll.   

Glass pipes are another preferred choice for beginner smokers. Bubblers are like smaller bongs that use water for a cooling effect. This makes the smoke less harsh on the lungs. 

Bongs provide a large hit and also use water for a smoother smoking experience. Vaporizers and vape mods are other choices for consuming cannabis. Experienced smokers move on to customized smoking methods, like using a dab rig

Most bongs, bubblers, and pipes have a carb that is a hole on the side of the piece. The carb is used for pulling smoke through the piece. It's important to learn how to use the carb the correct way.  

To use the carb, use your finger to block the hole as you inhale. After you take a hit, remove your finger from the hole then take another deep inhale.  

Using Lighters and Grinders

Another common smoking mistake is using a poor quality smoking device. Using matches or the wrong lighter can affect the taste of your weed. These also send harsher fumes into your lungs. 

Owning a grinder is ideal for breaking up your bud to smoke it. This makes it easier to pack a bowl and offers a more even burn. It also produces kief to sprinkle on top of the bowl for an extra dose of THC. 

Keeping Your Pieces Clean

It's also important to learn how to clean your smoking devices. This keeps them from getting dirty and clogged. Here are some tips for cleaning your bong for a better smoking experience. 

Choosing the Wrong Strain 

Learning how to smoke weed correctly also involves picking the right type of bud. You want a strain that suits your personality type and gives you the effects you're looking for. 

Choosing the wrong strain can result in an unpleasant feeling for a first-time user. It's key to learn the differences between Indica and Sativa. Different hybrids provide a unique blend of the two. 

Common effects of smoking weed include increased euphoria, heightened senses, and the munchies. 

Indica strains will produce a relaxing effect, with a body high. These are more preferred for night usage. 

Sativa strains are more high-energy and great for social settings. They are ideal for daytime usage and completing creative projects. Yet, they can cause some people to feel paranoid if they are not used to smoking Sativa.

You also want to store your supply in the right conditions. A glass airtight container is best to keep bud fresh. It takes much longer to dry out and will taste better when stored this way. 

Not Using Proper Smoking Etiquette

There is an etiquette to follow when learning how to properly smoke weed. When smoking in a social setting, be sure to take one hit then pass it to the next person. However, some groups prefer to use the "puff-puff-pass" method, which allows for two hits.

If you're the first person to hit a fresh bowl, be sure to only light the corner of the bowl. This saves a fresh green spot for other smokers. 

You also want to be careful not to pack a bowl too tightly. This will interfere with your ability to hit the bowl and circulate smoke. 

When sharing joints and blunts, try not to get the mouth tip too wet. You should also always be polite and courteous of others who do not smoke. This means blowing your smoke away from them. 

Learning to Smoke Bud like an Expert

Newbie smokers often have many questions about inhalation techniques and using different pieces. These tips will teach you how to smoke bud the right way. 

Trying out different smoking devices will also enhance your experience. Shop our collection of best selling products to learn more.  


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    Tip for bong smokers, take a bud roll it into a tight ball (Then) drop into your bowl. Bud will burn slower, meaning more hits. You will find you use less bud. Keep your glass clean.

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