It's easy to call yourself "the best," but backing that up is a dubious task.When a business touts itself as "the best," what data could it be using to qualify that statement? How can you measure "the best?" Some metrics you might use would be traffic or search rankings. But just because you're good at SEO, does that make you "the best" And it's not like you, as the consumer, can peek behind the curtain and see the inner workings of various businesses to see how they're running from day to day. Are they ethical? How do they treat their employees?

Here's the truth: STONED GENIE is not the biggest online headshop. We don't get the most traffic, and we don't have the most SKUs. All things that "the best" might have! None of these things matter to us. Being the biggest isn't what we're about.

For STONED GENIE, there was something that we knew we could claim and have the proof to back it up. Something that doesn't come overnight, and it's impossible to fake. What STONED GENIE has is trust. A trust that we've been building for many years. Our products have been sold all over the world. You can't buy trust.

Knowing your customers is crucial for an online retailer. We don't have the advantage of face to face interactions that you'd get in a brick and mortar shop. But as an online headshop, in a sea of many online headshops, we had to wonder, what's the most important factor when buying online? You guessed it, trust. And keeping the following elements in mind, we gained the trust of our customers:

  • Bring you quality products at an unbeatable price!
  • Fast shipping! Free shipping on all orders over $75 bucks (in USA & US Territories)
  • Great customer service to all our customers.

So, if your customers trust you, being the best online headshop doesn’t matter!


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