Why Choose a Bubbler

Hand pipes are a staple in any smoker's collection due to their mobility and simple design. Despite being a time-tested and dependable smoking method, hand pipes often don't offer any filtering. That presents a problem for smokers looking for smooth smoke sessions on the go, but a bubbler can fix that.

Why choose a bubbler?

Bubblers have all the mobility and ease of use of a dry pipe with the additional advantage of filtration. A bubbler can also work just as well as a dry pipe if you just don't add any water.

As they need a bowl-like container to carry the water, bubblers also frequently have more elaborate appearances than traditional hand pipes. Bubblers are an easy option for glass collectors since their form permits glass blowers to go a bit more creative with bubbler designs than they could with a spoon.

What types of filtration do bubblers offer?

The majority of bubblers feature straightforward diffusers with three or fewer holes. These diffusers, despite their simplicity, perform a fantastic job of chilling smoke for an incredibly smooth hit. What more could you want when bubblers are simply a portable water pipe?

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