How to clean your Dab Rig for under 5 bucks?

Whether you’re smoking your favorite concentrate out of a dab rig or fresh flower out of your bong, it’s important that you keep your glass clean. Let residue start to develop and you’ll quickly notice that your rips are more harsh and less flavorful, making for a raucous smoking experience.

If you make an effort to clean your glass regularly, it’ll become less of a tedious task over time. Not only will your rig have less buildup that’ll need to be cleaned, but you’ll also become a pro at this task that every smoker should be familiar with. When you’re able to quickly clean your glass and put it back in rotation, it makes the effort certainly worth it.

There are a lot of products out there that claim to clean your glass. In truth, you don’t need a ton of fancy tools or products to keep everything in the best smoking shape. Instead, you can clean your glass pieces with things that you might already have lying around your house.

Here are some tips for cleaning your dab rigs, bongs and other glass pieces that’ll keep your smoke sessions lit.

Items You’ll Need

Once you start cleaning your rig, things might get a bit messy with resin and excess concentrates. With that in mind, it’s best to gather all of your cleaning supplies before you get started.

To clean your dab rig or bong, make sure you have:

  • Sink, bath or large area with running water
  • Epsom salt or coarse sea salt alternative
  • Isopropyl Alcohol (>90%)
  • Q-Tips
  • Paper Towels
  • Zip baggies

Begin Prepping Your Glass

Dump out any water that is left in the rig from your last smoke sesh, doing your best to also rid of any resin or left over residue. This doesn’t have to be a deep clean, but you’ll want to ensure that all of the big pieces have been removed from your rig. Anything that is remaining will only make for a more difficult undertaking, so do yourself a favor and clean up as much as possible during this step.

Use Alcohol Solution For Deeper Clean

Once your glass has reached a satisfactory level of initial cleanliness, we can start the process of completely removing all of the remaining residue. Start by filling up the main chamber of your bong with alcohol and salt. Depending on the size and shape of your glass, use your discretion to determine how much of the solution to add - typically filling to the water line. You can also take the extra step of adding a cork or alternative stopper to the main mouthpiece of the pipe, as well as the downstem, carb, or other openings.

Pro Tip - Before you put your cleaning supplies away, fill a Ziplock bag with a 2:1 ratio of alcohol to salt. Use this to submerge the slide and bowl, as well as any other glass that you have - such as dab nails, bangers, carb caps, etc.

Shake It Up

Once you have your bong filled and the additional pieces submerged, you’ll want to hold on tight and start shaking vigorously. As the salt bounces around and breaks down the resin, the alcohol will dissolve the stickiness inside and on the glass. If you notice that you’re not getting the cleaninless that you’re after, consider letting the alcohol solution sit for longer inside your bong before shaking it. You can also begin using Q-tips and or cotton swabs to scrub any remaining residue.

Let It Rip

The cleanliness of your piece will have a huge impact on the quality of your smoke session. Whether you’re ripping dabs on your own, or you have all of your friends over to hit your newly immaculate bong, be sure to clean all of your glass before you fire up.

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About the Author

Nicolas Bryant is cannabis advocate from Colorado. He can be found online at and on IG @colakush 


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