Buyer Beware of Cheap China Glass Bongs & Rigs

You can never have too much glass when you’re a smoker. A small pipe is perfect for when you’re on the go and need a few hits. Your bong with a percolator is all of your friend's favorite piece to pass around while hanging out. And that dedicated dab rig keeps your concentrates separate from your flower. In truth, your glass collection is likely to grow as you continue to develop into a more experienced cannabis connoisseur.

As your collection grows, you might start to look for inexpensive options from unreliable online resources with international headquarters. After all, it can be pricey as you start to add to all of your glass pieces. But while some places offer cheap glass bongs and rigs, it’s important to keep in mind that those outlets come with their own concerns.

Those new to smoking or dabbing might think that they are saving money by purchasing from an online company like DHGate. However, it’s important to know that you aren’t getting the same quality as what you’d expect with a company like StonedGenie. Not only are prices on StonedGenie comparable to what you’d see in some international stores, you’re also getting a much more complete customer service experience when working with this California-based company. There are countless horror stories out there of smokers trying to deal with international customer service reps, only to waste hours with minimal success. No matter how much money you save, it’s not going to be worth the headache you’ll have to deal with if something goes wrong with your cheap China glass.

When you order that new bong, pipe or dab rig, the last thing you want is to have to wait an undetermined amount of time before it shows up. International shipping is truly the worst. Not only does it take forever, but there is no telling what mixups you might encounter at customs or other parts along the route. Alternatively, StonedGenie offers 10x quicker shipping. That means that the dream rig that you just fell in love with on the site will actually be something you can smoke out of in a few days, versus having to wait weeks to load up a bowl in your knockoff piece.

Building a glass collection is tricky. You want to have a handful of nice pieces to show off to friends and smoking buddies, but nobody wants to spend a ton of money that could better be allocated towards flower or concentrates. While some rookie smokers might look to save money by rushing to a China-based company, this is a shortsighted vision. Instead, a resource like StonedGenie offers comparable prices at a much higher value. Not only will you have a better customer service experience, but you’ll also get your rig much faster than if you had to wait on an international shipment. Once you have a comfortable connection with a company you can trust, you’ll never look anywhere else for the smoking supplies you need.

That fat nug or buttery dab is staring you in the face. Time to grab a new piece and load up your StonedGenie glass pipe or rig today.

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