Experience ultimate smoking satisfaction with amazing accessories

Smoking herbs has become an intimidating affair now, especially for Gen X. While Millennials and Gen Z know it all, there’s still so much for them to understand about smoking accessories. 

Now, you actually need that 22-year-old neighbour of yours to navigate the muddle of acronyms and dab rigs and bongs presented by the Smoking accessory manufacturers to today’s herb consumers. Not to mention, weed and cannabis have never been better and all thanks to customization in the products—people are loving it. 

If you’re in search of some ultimate tools that every cannabis enthusiast who visits your house loves, here’s the self-curated list for you. 

1. A Classic bong 

Everyone loves the bong and its simplicity to use is something that makes it highly demandable in the market. You can get access to a crazily amazing customized collection of bongs such as 7" Cactus bong, 14" Sub Zero Bong w/ Ice Catcher, 16" Thick Double Percolator Bong w/ Ice, 5" Green Mini Bong w/ Carb Hole etc. at Stoned Genie, a one-stop headshop for all cannabis lovers.

2. Witty Pipes 

Another the best stuff to add to your list, pipes have been around for a long time. But now, you can find a classy customized range of pipes to improve your smoking experience and show off, of course. 4" Glow in the Dark Spoon Glass Hand Pipe, 3" Pink Elephant Glass Pipe, 5" Devil Horns Spoon Glass Hand Smoking are some options that you can add into your collection. 

Apart from bongs and pipes, dab rigs, bubblers, grinders and other smoking accessories are there that you can browse at www.stonedgenie.com


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