Dab Tools

Dab Tools

Smoking concentrates has taken the cannabis industry by storm. You can walk into any legal store and find a wide selection of dabs available for purchase. With the popularity of dabs there has been an increased demand for quality dab tools

What is a Dab Tool? 

A dab tool is used in the consumption of cannabis concentrates, commonly known as dabs. This revolutionary accessory plays an important role in the dabbing process, allowing users to handle and manipulate concentrated extracts with precision. They are made from materials like metal, glass, or electric dab tools, a dab tool features a pointed tip to scoop any concentrate and add it to your dab rig or other smoking accessory. Dab tools come in various materials and styles but we have got something for everyone's liking. We will also break down the difference in all the dabbers available on the market.

Why is a dab tool necessary? 

Dab tools are necessary due to the fact that concentrates are very sticky and hard to handle with your bare hands. It has the same texture and stickiness as honey. So you are going to need something sturdy with a sharp point. That is why our traditional metal dab tool is a popular favorite amongst dab users. It has a sharp scooping section where you are able to grab your concentrate and drop it into your banger. Having a good quality dab tool will ensure you get the full experience when trying taking your dab. 

Different type of dab tools

Glass dab tool

These are most commonly used in the dabbing community. They are made of glass so can withstand heat and are easy to handle to scoop up your concentrates. If you love beautiful elegant dab tools, we have a cute carrot dab tool. It's perfect for any aesthetic vibe.  If you are someone who is clumsy you might want to be careful as these are more likely to break due to mishandling. We would recommend trying a metal dab tool to start. 

Electric Dab Tool

These are the newest gadgets on the market. These are rechargeable and electric, you click a button to turn it on and it starts to preheat. The Electric dab tool will then notify you when it’s heated to the optimal level and for you to scoop your concentrates. So if you are someone who likes things being fast and efficient, you should invest in an electric dab tool.  

Metal Dab Tool

Metal dab tools are great because they are durable and can last you forever. They have a nice sharp tip to scoop and reach in the corners of those jars. You will have no wax wasted. Also, it’s very easy to clean, just heat up the end and clear it off with a moist wipe. 

Dab Tool Kit

These are like a mini tool box for your concentration. They come with about 4 to 5 different metal dabbers with different tips. They are all meant for you to be able to scoop and apply to any type of banger or nail very conveniently. 


How to clean a dab tool? 

Due to the nature of dabbing, your dab tool is bound to get dirty and sticky. But it is very easy to clean and maintain. We recommend slightly heating the ends that need cleaning and use an alcohol wipe to clean it right off. Be careful not to overheat the dab tool when cleaning. Due to the stickiness of the concentrates, adding that little bit of heat makes it easier to clean. 

Can I purchase dab tools wholesale? 

Yes, absolutely. We offer competitive pricing for all dab tools wholesale. Please fill out our application here