Ways to Keep Your Bong Safe

It happens to the best of us. You just smoked a bowl of your favorite sativa to get in the mood to clean the house, you’re jamming out to your favorite music, whipping around without paying much attention and, boom, you knock something off of the table. Your heart drops. As you hear the shattering of glass into countless pieces on the floor, your stomach sinks. You realize you just broke your favorite bong. 

Breaking your favorite bong is a headache for a number of reasons. First, there’s the emotional connection to your favorite piece and the realization that you won’t be having anymore smoke sessions. Then you realize that you don’t have anything else to smoke out of, which can be panic-inducing on its own. Luckily, you can order a new bong from StonedGenie for quick and reliable domestic shipping. You’ll be up and smoking again before you know it. 

But now that you have a new bong or dab rig, it’s important that you protect this baby to save you the heartache of another massive break. To keep your new piece protected, here are some tips for keeping your bong or dab rig safe. 

Keep Your Bong In A Safe Place

The more you smoke, the more likely it is that you’ll begin accumulating a nice little collection of bongs, dab rigs and other smoking paraphernalia. As your collection grows, consider keeping certain pieces in specific places - like your go-to bong on the coffee table or a classy dab rig on the nightstand as a feng shui addition to your bedroom. Having your bongs, pipes and rigs in specific areas will ensure that you always know where they are. This will also help to prevent you from putting them in places where you might knock them over, like on the floor or on the ledge of a kitchen counter. These places are hotspots for accidental knock-overs, leading to the heartbreaking loss of your favorite smoking pieces. 

Use Durable Glass Pieces

Another way to avoid the heartbreak of a broken piece is to buy reliable bongs and dab rigs that are made from durable glass. While some knockoff Chinese websites sell inexpensive options, these choices are often made from cheaper glass that is likely to break on even the slightest bit of contact. On the other hand, thicker and more durable glass bongs and dab rigs are built to last. When it comes to making an investment into something that you’ll be using as much as your bong, it’s worth finding a rig that is going to be durable and made of quality materials. 

Clean Your Piece On A Regular Basis

Cleaning your bong or dab rig can be tedious. However, if you let it go too long in-between cleanings, you’ll notice a lot of resin and gunky buildup. Not only does this make for a less enjoyable smoke, but it also might lead to further damage to your piece once you get around to cleaning it. The more effort you have to put into cleaning your rig, the greater chances there are that you will crack or chip the glass as you attempt to remove the buildup. Instead, empty and replace the water in your bong after each use and consider a general cleaning schedule that will ensure that your piece stays safe. 

Pass With Caution

No matter how much you love your piece, your friends may not express the same type of connection. So the next time you have your buddies over for a smoke sesh, be sure that everyone is passing the glass with care. Also be aware and avoid leaving it unattended in a place that might easily get knocked over. Smoking with friends is fun, but keep the vibe positive by keeping your rig safe and protected.

Now that cannabis and concentrates are legal, you don’t have to worry about hiding your bong or dab rig. As your collection begins to grow and you have more pieces around the house, consider the tips mentioned here as ways to keep your bong safe and secure. 


  • Posted by Bob on

    What are the best ways to clean a glass rig? Most appear to have not been designed for ease of cleaning.

  • Posted by D on

    Alcohol & salt then cover & shake

  • Posted by StonedGenie on

    Hey Bob -

    Yes, we recommend using alcohol and salt.. Check out our other blog article on how to clean your dab rig for under $5 bucks. It explains how to easily clean your rig!

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