A well-rounded bong collection will include items in a wide range of sizes, colors, and designs. Still, using a girly pink bong adds a special touch to the whole arrangement. A possible explanation is that it enhances the ceremony that leaves you feeling so happy by adding a sense of fun, glamour, and even romance to the situation. Why not add the most beautiful pink bongs to your assortment from the most decently priced online headshop, Stoned Genie? Everything from dainty and sultry to grand and psychedelic can be located here!

Pink bongs are just as kinder to the environment and your health as any other bong on the market today. Pink bongs, or bongs of any other hue, are designed by adding paint or a dye to the glass or other material used to create the bong. Pink bongs are created like other bongs but painted pink for a feminine look. Pink bongs may look soothing, but they strike the same that other colored bongs, making them the perfect surprise for your close mate who adores pink things.

If you want to invest in a high-quality pink bong that can make you happy all the way, visit www.stonedgenie.com today! If you're interested in Pink Bongs specifically and want to take your time perusing the range, we have a massive selection of every possible kind. Our pink love bong is so well-crafted that it might be misinterpreted as a work of art. When you're shopping for something compact and covert, try our Pink Mini Bong or Pink Mini Slime Zong. The
Pink/Green Sherlock Glass Bubbler w/ Percolator and the Pink/Blue Sherlock Glass Bubbler w/Percolator are two combo pink-colored glass bubblers that surely to leave your pals in envy.

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