Are you here to read essential stuff about glass bubblers before making an investment? Well! If so, you’re in the right place. The following blog covers what bubblers actually are, their type and who should buy them. Tighten your seat belts and keep on reading!

What are Glass bubblers?

Like bongs, glass bubblers also have a water chamber, stem, bowl and mouthpiece. Contrasting bongs—and similar to pipes—glass bubblers often have a carb, non-removable and fixed. The best way to understand a glass bubbler is to think of them as the amalgamation of pipe and bong excluding a few features.

Types of Bubbler Pipes 

  • Concentrate 
Developed for smoking oils and concentrates instead of a flower. 


  • Sidecar 

Developed to solve the issue of water splashing back. 

  •  Sherlock 

Sits up like a sherlock Holmes pipe. Best known for keeping the bowl nice and far away from your face. 

  • Hammer 

They’re firm and develop to allow them to rest on any flat surface without moving around. 

Who really requires a bubbler?

Now that you understand what a glass bubbler looks like and its different types, you must be wondering who should use them, right? Well! we are hoping to help you out with that. The following are some considerations that will assist you to determine if a glass bubbler is a right option for you. 

Invest in a glass bubbler if you: 

  • Are you a beginner and want to invest in something easy, light and durable to use? 
  •  Want evener hits as compared to hand pipes?
  •  Want the compactness of hand pipes with the capabilities of water filtration of bongs? 

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