When you visit any online headshop, you'll see all varieties of smoking accessories like glass pipes, grinders, and cool bubblers. But bongs and dab rigs are commonly compared to each other.

Dab rigs look very similar to bongs if you've seen one in reality. Similar to bongs in design, it's made of glass and has a water chamber inside. Your dab rig will rather feature a banger and a dab tool.

Due to the extremely high temperatures required for dabbing, the nail of the rig is heated with a torch and then allowed to cool. You can begin dabbing as soon as it hits the proper temperature.

Every smoker requires at least one quality piece, as a pipe or rolling papers alone will not suffice. The premium-grade smoking accessories kit which includes dab tools and bangers makes the smoking lifestyle convenient. These are among the most often used smoking accessories that will fit easily in your bag while traveling.

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