Seen in movies, TV shows, and advertisements alike, a bong is one of the most common ways people can think of to smoke marijuana. 

In the states that have passed legalization laws, The legalization of marijuana has brought the accessibility of marijuana to everyone over the legal age. Now, people are smoking out a variety of products.

The most common debate currently is bubbler vs bong. Both pieces serve the same general purpose, but keep reading below which one is for you!

Facts: The Bong

A bong is traditionally a long piece made of glass.

But what is a bong? A bong in simple terms is a device that uses water. The base of a bong is meant to be filled with water. Then a mouthpiece and a small steam piece will be put into a small hole in the side of the base of the bong. 

Some bongs come in different patterns and designs.

The more things going on in your glass piece, generally, the more expensive the piece will be. The change in legalization has changed the market though, with bongs being made of rubber, some glowing in the dark and some having ice cube holders in them to mellow the harsh smoke. 

Not all bongs are identical, but the signature of the piece, the largemouth opening on top makes it hard to mistake!

Facts: The Bubbler

A bubbler is marketed as being the best of a pipe and bong combined.

A bubbler is a glass piece that is small and more compact like a glass pipe would be. A bubbler is different because it has a small chamber where the water goes. This creates a smoking experience that is less harsh.

The bubbler will be set up close to a bong, but the small glass piece will be inlaid into the glass part where the water goes. This means that filling your bubbler with water takes care. It is recommended to fill it first then pack the marijuana in it to avoid getting any of the product wet. 

Most bubblers have a "sherlock" pipe design, and only being about 5-6 inches large.

The Benefits: Bong

When looking for one of the strongest highs you can get, a bong is a perfect choice. 

When using a bong, the smoke fills the chamber, then be cleared and sucked up completely into the lungs. The smoke creates a strong and heavy high. It was traditionally used for groups and congregations of people that are all together with one another. 

A bong is much taller than a bubbler or other glass smoking piece, so it allows for additional smoke. If you want to find a way to get stoned every time a bong is a perfect choice.

Bongs are often used by frequent marijuana smokers due to the ability to get a lot of smoke. Over time one's ability to process the THC rises and a bong allows for enough smoke so that even those with high tolerances will still feel the effects of the marijuana.

The other reason that frequent marijuana users love a bong is for the personality that is allowed. A bong is highly customizable. Bongs can have any number of different colors, patterns, and varieties making the bong more of a statement piece than a smoking piece.

The Benefits: Bubbler

A bubbler could be considered a type of bong!

A bubbler uses the same general idea of a bong, with the water and design, but on a smaller scale. Bubblers are useful for their lightweight design. The bubbler is able to be used with one hand as well!

A bubbler is a good step up from a glass pipe since the water chamber allows for more smoke and less harsh smoking experience. The bubbler is made from an extra thick and durable glass with all the necessary parts being molded in making it a more stealthy and mobile piece. 

Head To Head Round

You've heard what the pieces are, and what they are good at. It's time to examine their drawback and to pit the pieces against one another. Ultimately the decision is up to the user, but this is bubbler vs bong!

A bong can be large and burdensome. The ability to personalize your bong also means that you must buy other pieces for it. The glass steam piece and the bowl are often sold separately. Different bongs use different size holes. This creates a market for unique pieces, but it also means spending more money, making the bong much more of an investment.

The bong being large means that it is noisy and hard to store. Also without proper cleaning, your glass piece will begin to smell, so it is a glass piece that requires an owner who will take care of it, in order to work at it's best.  

A bubbler much more cut and dry. What you see is what you get with a bubbler. There are no accessories, which means that if you dislike a glass piece when you buy it, there's no going back. Since the pieces are smaller than a bong, an owner will notice that they get dirty quickly. 

A bubbler can have a deep bowl, but the bubbler bowl will not last as long as a bong bowl. This means that if you are smoking with others it will take more weed, and more packing of the weed too. 

So, Who Wins in The Bubbler Vs Bong Battle?

It wouldn't be a good head to head without a clear winner. 

Bubbler vs bong... the winner is, everyone. 

The accessibility of marijuana has allowed people to learn and discover how they want to smoke and ingest marijuana. Both a bong and a bubbler use water and both do the general goal perfectly. 

No matter which piece you choose you will still be getting the high you deserve. If you are looking for something of a collector's piece and something for groups of people, you can't go wrong with a bong. If you like something small and compact, with none of the harsh smoke feeling a bubbler could be your best choice. 

No matter your choice of piece, we can make it happen, and make sure that you are happy.

Allow us to help you today! 


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