Bongs have been used by smokers for ancient times as they enhance the experience of inhalation quite pleasurable and less taxing on the lungs. By filtering the smoke through a cooling water system, a bong allows the user to take deeper, cleaner hits. The stinging burn and wheezing will be eliminated, allowing you to fully appreciate the smoke's subtle nuanced flavors.

Glass beaker bongs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, allowing you to find one that best suits your smoking preferences and habits.

Why Buy Beaker Bongs?

The timeless design of the beaker bong makes it a popular choice among water pipes. The pipe's long sturdy base and thick, robust glass contribute to its widespread appeal.

The wide base keeps the pipe stable, making it less likely to topple over than narrower models. The pipe will be more durable against mild pressures because it is crafted from thick glass.

While every beaker bong has the same basic components heavy beaker base, an extended thick neck, an ice catcher, and a replaceable down stem—glass artists have added their own unique touches. Now, you can get beautiful pipes with beaker base, down stem, bowl, and built-in percs, all of which work together to deliver you clean, purified puffs.

Some Extensive Range of Amazing & Affordable Beaker Bongs:

  • 10" Beige Plaid Beaker Thick 7mm Bong
  • 10" Purple Aladdin Beaker Bong w/ Ice Catcher
  • 10" Purple Floral Beaker Bong w/ Ice Catcher
  • 10" Purple w/ Gold Trimming Beaker w/ Ice catcher
  •  12" Green Double Percolator Beaker Base Bong w/ Ice Catcher
  •  14" Blue Leaf Beaker w/ Ice Catcher and
  • Many more!

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