8" Slime Pink Twisted Neck Bong

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  • 8" Twisted Straight Neck Bong
  • Pink Color
  • 14mm male bowl piece
  • Flat base
Experience a unique twist on smoking with our 8" Slime Pink Twisted Neck Bong! This bong is your personal companion, made for all your long-term smoking sessions. It offers an eye-catching design, featuring a twisted pink neck that will help you enjoy each and every puff! Watching the smoke spiral up the bong to reach its rimmed mouthpiece is sure to impress. And thanks to the comfy, ergonomic design of the mouthpiece, you'll never get tired during your marathon smoking sessions — just pure satisfaction! Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind smoking experience. Get your hands on our 8" Slime Pink Twisted Neck Bong today and take your puffing skills to new heights.

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