8" Purple Single Percolator Bong w/ Ice Catcher

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  • 8" Purple Beaker Bong
  • Single Percolator
  • Ice Catcher
  • Down Stem and Bowl is attached
Introducing the 8" Purple Single Percolator Bong with Ice Catcher, the ultimate way to savor your favorite smoke. Perfectly sized for maximum convenience while still providing pure, flavorful smoke, this bong can handle any smoke session you throw it's way. The single percolator filter makes sure that your hit is both cool and smooth for a deliciously indulgent experience. Plus, the easy-to-grip design and vibrant color make it stand out in all the right ways. Smoke blissfully without worry thanks to this bong’s elevated levels of safety: built with a large holding capacity and sturdy exterior to avoid breakage or spillage, along with an ice catcher feature that will keep those huge hits ultra chill. Get ready to add some flavor to your sesh with this unique 8" Purple Single Percolator Bong with Ice Catcher!
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  • $16.99
  • - 24%

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