8" Pumpkin Bong

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Introducing the 8" Pumpkin Bong - the perfect way to enjoy your favorite strains this Halloween! This bong features a shower bend neck with defused percolator, making it irresistible for any stoner. Plus, the pumpkin design is perfect for getting you into the Halloween spirit! Don't waste your time carving a bong out of a pumpkin that you'll just have to throw away - this bong is built to last and will become your go-to bong for all your future Halloween parties. Add this one-of-a-kind bong to your collection today!
  • 8" Pumpkin bong
  • 14mm male bowl pc
PS.. If you want to turn this into a Pumpkin dab rig. All you need to do is purchased the 14mm male banger. 

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