8" Pink Twisted Stoner Combo Set

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Items in bundle:
    • 3" Pink Elephant Glass Pipe
    • 5" Pink Glass Bubbler
    • 8" Slime Pink Twisted neck bong
    • Rose Heights Pink pre-rolled cones (11/4)
    • Rose Heights Pink pre-rolled cones (King size)
    • Bic EZ Reach Lighter.
    • Pink Premium SG Grinder w/ Sharp Teeth

    Introducing the 8 Pink Twisted Stoner Combo Set, crafted with high-quality materials for the elegant stoner. This set offers an assortment of essential items, including a sleek grinder, stylish rolling papers, and convenient storage solutions. Perfect for those who appreciate quality at an affordable price. Elevate your smoking experience with this vibrant pink set, designed with functionality and style in mind.

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